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Sunday, 29 August 2010

Playing With Picasa

Had both relaxing and eventful few days.  Managed to get the kids out in the fresh air a couple of times this week.  On Friday we managed an afternoon at the Black Country Living Museum with a ride on a canal boat.  It was lovely to be out of the house.  On Thursday we went for a walk over Cannock Chase.  It was cloudy & grey overhead but dry apart from the last 3 minutes when it started to drizzle.  Sadly we didn't see any deer which Liam and Freya were quite disappointed about.  

During all the excitement this week I have also managed to dislocate my finger twice.  When I dislocated it the second time earlier today I phoned NHS Direct to ask what to do as it had popped back in.  Stupidly said I felt a little dizzy.  The nurse asked if there were was anyone in the house with me.  Replied just kids aged 7 & 8.  Next thing I know an ambulance is here!  Apparently I was a little pale.  Blood pressure was checked, a little low and colour had returned and we decided a trip to A&E was not needed as my finger was back in and the hospital wouldn't do anything with me anyway!  A little extreme reaction but I suppose the nurse was erring on the side of caution.  Thankfully its my left hand and I can function pretty well.  Moral of this story - don't say you feel dizzy and no adults around!

Well I sat up in the middle of the night unable to sleep and I have finally managed to find sometime to play with some pictures in Picasa and make a collage.

This is my first attempt:

I have some lovely photos of the kids at the same event/activity and I may make a few collages and get them printed to scrap.  I usually end up with lots of LO's of the same event as I can never pick my favourite shots.  At least this way it will save me having to choose which photos to leave out.  I was thinking of having them printed as 7" x 5" or 8" x 6" instead of the usual 6" x 4" which will be far too small for a collage.

Going to try to get some sleep now as I have a fun packed day of housework to look forward to!

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