During October I Will.....


Friday, 21 December 2012

Its Fast Approaching.......

I've got a big birthday coming up in March, about 3 months to be exact. With one thing and another I just didn't get round to writing a list of things I would like to do on the run up to the big birthday. Well I did do one thing and that's buy a smash book and there it has sat unused for the past 10 months. I'm going to put it to good use this year when I pass that big number.  

Just need to write the big birthday bucket list of things to do during that year.  Got some in my head, some well in to the planning stages but a few gaps remain to be filled.  Any suggestions?

A list of 30 things, you know one for each year ;0)

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

A Different Christmas

Christmas this is going to be very different from those over the past 10 years.

Different....very very different.

This year, we will not have a visit to Santa, you see, they no longer believe.

I am much more upset about this than they are.

No longer will I see their faces light up when they meet that special man.

No longer will they suddenly turn shy and go very quite, mouths open with an eye popping gaze.

No longer will I creep around on Christmas Eve, collecting all the presents from their hiding places.

Christmas 2010 025

To be honest, they didn't really believe last year, but we visited Santa and went through the motions. I think it was more to keep me happy, rather than them.

They are growing up, growing up way too fast.


It honestly scares me.

Friday, 30 November 2012

& Monkey Makes Two

Thought I would sneak in an entry to this months challenge over at Sarah's Cards.  

Made using the New Amy Tangerine collection Ready Set Go.  You can find the sketch here.

Friday, 16 November 2012

I Scrapped!!!

I know I can't quite believe it either.  Here is the one and only LO I have made in what seems like ages.  In at least a month to be honest.

Would like to sit down and start organizing my Christmas Album but a) my kit has not arrived yet and b) I don't have time; too much to do and kids under my feet.  No ME time on the horizon until at least next Friday but that's not a certainty as I have some big plans to get going for next year after I had some good news this week.  

The big decision I have been waiting for, the one thing that has kept my whole life in limbo for the last 3 months has finally been made.  Just hate it when plans rely on others and they go out of their way to make things difficult.  Well now its happening and should all be done and completed by Mid January and then the new life can begin!!!  Just so excited but can't exactly say what until I have something in my hand early next year when I know it has all happened. Its then the Big Birthday Bucket List can be made public. 

2013 WILL be good to us.  

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Tuesday Tallies (13 November 2012)

I really don't know where the past few weeks have gone.  I've hardly done any crafting yet I can't tell you what I have been doing.  Life I guess!  I have been busy on a couple of projects.  

I've knitting a hat, just need to sew it up and add the decoration which I am hoping to get done this week.  

Knitted 1 wrist warmer which only took me one day.

Worked on my Springtime Throw.

Worked on Rowan Cashmerino DK Granny Square blanket - now completed 30 squares.

And started a new blanket after I went away on holiday and ended up with no crochet but bags of new yarn.  I have completed 8 colours on this blanket.


Pop on over to Carole to take a look at some other yarny work.

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Google Eyes

This week at the Child's Play Challenge site the inspiration is carft based; google eyes.  The minute I heard this I knew the exact photos I wanted to use.  Some photos of Freya pulling funny faces.  This is my LO:

LO made using Basic Grey's PB & J papers.  This takes my LOs made to 65, just another 35 to go then I can subscribe to a monthly kit.  To be honest I really haven't noticed much of a dent being made to my stash even though I have made 65 LOs.
Pop on over to the Child's Play |challenge site and take a look at th other inspirational LOs.

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Tuesday Tallies (16 October 2012)

This week I have again concentrated on my Rowan Cashmerino blanket. I crocheted the cream around the 9 squares I made last week.

I then made a further 6 squares.
This makes total squares made to 20.

I have spread these squares out on the bed and I need to make the blanket 8 x 12 squares to fit a single bed; 20 down, another 76 to go. Do you think I can manage to make 10 each week and have this blanket finished by the end of the year?  I should have enough to complete the blanket as I can't find any of the Rowan yarn; I did buy it over 2 1/2 years ago so I am not surprised really.  Will teach me to not hoard yarn and make one project before I get yarn for another or at least buy enough for the intended project!

Pop on over to Carole to take a look at some other one a day projects.

Thursday, 11 October 2012

The Great Pumpkin

Today sees the release of this weeks challenge over at Child's Play Challenge blog.  The inspiration this week is the Charlie Brown film 'Its The Great Pumpkin'.
Peanuts: It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown [DVD] [Region 1] [US Import] [NTSC]
I have scrapped a picture of our pumpkin lantern from 2 years ago with lots of pumpkins and orange ink splats which I made with my new splat mask.
This fun challenge is open until the end of the month as are all the other ones released this month.

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Big Hugs

At the beginning of September I was really surprised and honoured to have been chosen by the DT at Child's Play Challenge as one of their Top 3 for August.  I was then invited to be guest designer during October.  Soon after the announcement Tiffany e-mailed me the challenges for this month.  The first challenge was green slime.
My Mother being who she was would never allow such a thing for my Brother and I.  But I do remember all my friends having the slime and playing together with them.  I have taken the colour green as my inspiration and I used green paint and have gone a little messy with inks drips on the black cardstock.
I loved getting the paint out and being messy.  Paint and ink splashes are not something I do very often and I am always cautious about what I am trying.  I tend to struggle about when to stop, too much or too little and it never seems to end up as I imagined.  However, I was happy with the end result and proceeded to use the paint drips as a mat for my photo.  I am really looking forward to being part of the DT all this month.
I was even more surprised last week when I visited the Child's Play blog and saw that I had been chosen as Top Three for September and invited yet again to be part of the DT for November. 
I can't believe that this is happening, my LOs are being recognised and I am being asked to be a guest on a design team, wow.  Somebody needs to pinch me and pinch me quick lol!
Thanks for looking and enjoy your day x

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Tuesday Tallies (9 October 2012)

The past week has not been too good here.  I was in hospital for a couple of days having some treatment on my elbow and hip and it meant I was not very mobile for a few days.  The hip is not too bad and it was only uncomfortable for a couple of days and pain killers worked well to ease things.  My elbow however is a different story.  It has been very painful and I have not been sleeping.  I don't sleep well at the best of times but the past week I have had a maximum of 2 hours a night and usually not at the same time.  Lets just say I am withered a little and I have to go back to the hospital today for a little bit of the same.  At least I know what to expect this week. 
All this has hampered any craty things I wanted to do let alone normal housekeeping, looking after children and pets.  Whilst recouperating on Thursday and having got very bored with the never ending all the same day time tv I set about sorting my yarn stash.  Anything to get me away from this so called entertainment.  I have a large number of projects on the go and not all of them have all of the yarn I will need purchased.  I made a big list of what I need and really want to buy up the yarn as some are discontinued.  One colour for my Debbie Bliss Cashmerino DK blanket is discontinued and I need another ball (22 Fuchsia Pink). 

Cashmerino DK cerise 22

Don't know what I am going to do yet but if any one knows of somewhere that stocks it I will be very grateful and I am open to part balls too!
Well this sorting of yarn uncovered some projects that have been unloved for a long time, a very long time.  In January 2010 I purchased 3 packs of 10 balls of some Rowan Cashmerino DK yarn.  Three yummy colours; pink, green and navy.
I started the granny square blanket in the April and managed to make 8 squares.  I then crocheted a border of teal (Sublime Cashmere Merino Silk DK, Elkin) and that is how it  has remained. 

At the time I was not happy with the teal but at the same time didn't know what colour to use which is why there has been no progress. Speed forward 2 1/2 years....
On Thursday night I removed the teal border and began work on a new cream border.  The squares are five rounds each with a border of cream.  I had already made 8 squares which I have edged 5 this week. 
I love this blanket now, the cream is so much better and they are lovely snuggly pieces of yumminess.  Just love, love, love, love, love, love it!  This really has put a smile on my face.  My crochet, well crafting in general was not much fun the past month.  I don't know why but it seemed like a chore, nothing to enjoy but this blanket has changed that.  Can't wait to snuggle under this when it is finished.  I then made a further 6 squares up to the first 5 rounds.
I am much more happy with the cream, if you didn't  guess.  The cream is Debbie Bliss Cashmerino DK.  The original 8 squares had been blocked and you can really see the difference.  My aim for this week is to block the new makes and finish the cream on the remaining 9 squares. 
Sorting through my stash has shocked me by the number of projects I actually have on the go and the fact most of them have a long way to go to reach completion.  I really don't have much odd stash, by that I mean stash that does not have a project in mind. I suppose that is a good thing as I have only ever brought yarn with a specific project in mind instead of the other way round which can be very dangerous on the purse.  Shame I don't have that feeling for scrapbooking!
This year one of my many goals was to make 'one a day'; one crocheted row, stripe or square.  I knew that I would not actually make 1 each and every day of the year but the intention was to make 366 by the time Big Ben starts to strike on the dot of midnight.  I am really happy to say that yesterday, 8 October I reached this goal.  Admitidly some of the items have been 2 round grannies but I reached my goal well ahead of time, something that does not happen too often in my life.  I am still going to keep tally and hope to make a further 100 by the end of the year.  I may get some of these WIPs finished some day and the one a day goal is keeping me on track.  Only thing that is holding me back is the number of projects that I have started.
Now you have read all about my one a day project, pop on over to Carole to take a look at some other great yarn projects.

Monday, 8 October 2012

A LO Is Made....

The past few weeks have been a little strange mojo wise around here. When I was in Wales for the summer all I wanted to do was scrap and couldn't as I did not have many supplies. Then I got home to all my supplies and just no mojo! Just so typical.
This weekend I went to my local crop in Bromsgrove and to be honest I wasn't that productive.  I worked on my LSNED album.  I have 3 double pages to put the papers on,18 pages for journaling and all the photos to add that also need to be sorted and printed.  I also managed to LOs.  One I can't show you until Thursday as it is a GDT item but I can show this one:
Photo of Liam and freya climbing on the rocks over the summer in Wales.
I collected some of the photos from over the summer and I am really annoyed with myself.  I spent what seemed like forever making collages for my project life album and it appears I didn't upload them. Very very annoyed with myself and this now puts back the work on the album!

I was hoping to continue joining in with the Counterfeit Kit Challenges but with a lack of mojo last month I only managed a handful and have many supplies left in August and September's kit.  I havent even managed to look at this month's kit in detail and I dont think I will have much chance to this week either.  I may therefore skip making a kit but use up the two kits I already have.  This LO was made using my August kit bringing the tally now to 11 LOs.

I will show you my Guest DT work and share some news for the Childs Play Challenge site on Thursday as well as my LO for last weeks challenge that I have been unable to blog until now.

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

WOYWW (3 October 2012)

I don't know about you but I think Summer is over and Autumn is certainly here.  Its gone a little nippy here this past week.  The days of going out with no coat are over.  Luckily we haven't had any frost yet but I have had to put the heating on a few times just to take the chill off.  This week has not been very productive.  nothing has been done at my desk apart from pile more things on it.
Nothing too interesting, yarn (must get working on this blanket this week) camera, shawl, my morning cup of tea, cross stitch kit and LSNED papers and album. 

Scrapping mojo has left the building for a few days now and I'm just not wanting to scrap.  I collected some photos last Friday from Boots and I haven't even looked at them; this is so not me.  I'm hoping a day a my local crop on Saturday will get the mojo flowing.  I need to get on top of Project Life; I have done nothing since Mid May and the photos are to get me up to date to the end of August.
Don't forget to go over to Julia to look at some other crafty work spaces.

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Tuesday Tallies (2 October 2012)

October??  How did that happen?  This year is really flying by.  On the domestic front not a lot has got done but I have looked at lots and lots of sofas and then looked at 2 houses on Saturday.  The first, a cheaper one, was not quite right for us and then the second one was right at the top of my budget.  Well the search will continue.
This week I have only managed 12 squares for my blanket but I have knitted a hat.  Yes, you did read that right, I knitted a hat.  Super easy garter stitch on circular needles.  garter stitch is all I can do but I really want to extend my knitting skills and make some clothes.  I order some Amy Butler yarn and have knitted the choke for a cardigan over the weekend.  All these crochet blankets are great but I think I am at getting quite close to the upper limits of how many a family of three could ever possibly need. 
Here are my squares for this week:

This makes my total to 174 squares.  I think I may need about 500 for the finished blanket, maybe more.  Pop on over to Carole to take a look at some more one a day projects.

Monday, 1 October 2012

Right Now.....

Right now I am constantly going over and over in my head which path to choose.  From here there are a couple of ways I can move my life forward.  I really am being pulled in different directions and I honestly don't know which path to follow.  All I know is that the current direction can't continue.  Why does life throw these dilemmas at us?
If i choose the wrong path, life for my family could suffer.  We need to be happy and I so need it to be a happier life soon. But how do I bring what I hope for to fruition?  What if i make the wrong choice?

Right now the only thing I know for sure is that tonight I will once again go to sleep tonight worrying about what is on the horizon for us....hoping and praying I make the right choice.

This post is inspired by this inspirational blogger.

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

WOYWW (26 September 2012)

Can't believe how quick this last week has gone.  This past week just seems to have speed by, yet I seem to have achieved very little.  this week my photo has been taken from a different angle; I got Liam to stand on my chair to take the photo.

I have my LSNED file which I have updated with my notes and some alphas that I used on a LO for Child's Play Challenge site where LO was in the top 3 for August and I am joining the DT as a guest during October.  The challenges are very suited to me.  The LO's came together really easily without having to think too hard about what to do, the best kind of LO. My desk as you can see is still covered in paint and ink which I have been having a right old game with trying to remove it all. 
Since being in hospital last week I have got a little lost with my LSNED.  I was so on top of things but then it all went wrong.  I have notes for every day but I need to scrap the pages.  I really want to complete this project as I have far too many projects similar to this that are not quite finished; time just keeps running away!
If you want to have a look at some other crafty spaces pop on over to Julia and there will be links to plenty of crafty spaces all over the world.

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Tuesday Tallies (25 September 2012)

This week has been one of those with lots of ups and downs.  Just one of those weeks.  I have not had much chance to crochet this week but I did manage to get 12 light squares made:
Can't believe how cold the weather has turned and how wet it was this past weekend.  I am a little annoyed with it as there were things that we needed to do on the house outside and were unable to do which has meant that we have had to put the builder off  and he now can't come for 2 weeks.  I think these house renovations will never get done.
Pop on over to Carole to see some other one a day projects and I'm quite sure other will show you much more progress than me.

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

WIPW (19 September 2012)

Good morning my yarny friends.  This week as well as my mini granny square blanket and cross stitch I have also been working on this blanket:

My Kool Kotton blanket.  This blanket was started 2 1/2 years ago.  I frogged the blanket as it was just too large, it was evn too large for a king size bed.  It is now the size of a lap blanket so much easier to handle.  I think it was because of the size that I wasn't working on it.
Not much progress due to the me ending up in hospital this week but every bit of progress helps.  Pop on over to Tami to see a host of other WIPs this fine Wednesday.

WOYWW (19 September 2012)

Another week has passed and here we all are showing off our crafting spaces to the world.  After last weeks mega tidy of Studio Calico kits, I rewarded myself with lots of scrapping; I have made 8 LO's over the past week plus got up to date with Shimelle's LSNED album apart from the photos which are somewhere in the post on their way to me.  
And the top of the expedit now all those boxes have gone and have been replaced by cropper hoppers look fantastic.  Just need to order some more so I can then tackle Sarah's Cards and Scrapagogo kits.
Next thought I would tackle my cross stitch stash.  Oh my are there lots of WIPs and plenty of FO waiting to be framed.  Of course you can't sort and not have a play, can you? 
I spent Sunday morning cross stitching and I thoroughly enjoyed it until I ended up in hospital in the afternoon which is where I am still.

Then Monday morning came.  How I forgot what lots of cross stitch does to my carpel tunnel!  When you are in that much pain you can't fasten your trouser button you know you have over done things.  This meant a very painful day but I am happy to say I am on the mend and have learnt my lesson.  Small amounts each day from now on.

This my crafty space today:

Pop on over to Julia to take a look at some other craft workspaces.

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Tuesday Tallies (18 September 2012)

Where oh where is this month going?  It only seems like yesterday the summer holidays were over and already we are over half way through the month.  My list of to do this month has not really been impacted and there are deadlines to meet if our future plans are to be sorted by next summer.  well I have found some time to crochet and have completed 12 squares this week.  This makes a total of 150 teeny squares, about 1/3 done.

I have got 2 colours to start and then I will sew them first batch all together.  The blanket is 11/12 squares across and I have made at least 12 of each colour, 5 colours have enough for 2 rows made.  I really want to get this blanket finished as I have so many others on the go that need my attention.  I need to sit down and work out whether I have enough yarn for some of the projects I have started as some of the colours are discontinued (Rowan Cashmerino DK, for example) and I would hate to not have enough to finish these projects.  That is off to the top of my to do list right now; how I then pay for the yarn is another question!
Pop on over to Caraole to see some other one a day projects.

Monday, 17 September 2012

Reach For The Stars

This is the third LO made using my CKC kit, Take Note.  I have used mostly October Afternoon papers and embellishments with paint, ink splashes and stamping; a combination I rarely use.  Alphas by American Crafts and Authentique.

I am entering this LO in to the current challenge from Scrap 365 magazine on their challenge blog, Scrapbook 365 which is to use this sketch.

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Good Times Together

Another photo and LO from our trip to Wenlock during the summer holidays.  This time a LO for Liam's album.
Made using September's CKC kit Take Note.  I am entering this in to the current challenge from Child 's Play Challenge site where the inspiration is pencils.  I have used paper rolls to represent the shape of the pencils plus a pencil sticker.  How I am going to store this in a page protector I'm not quite sure as the paper rolls are quite bulky.  Was really happy to discover last week that I had been part of their top 3 for August and I'm really looking forward to being a guest on the DT in October.

Saturday, 15 September 2012


This post is all about newly discovered scrap challenge sites.  Love that they are UK based and the inspirational DT work is fantastic, well done Ladies.  The first new challenge blog is Happy Scrappers.  This month they have set a challenge to use buttons and bows. 

I have also discovered a further three craft challenge sites.  The first is Whoopsiedaisy which I am entering this LO in to as it also challenges you to use buttons and bows this week.  The second site, My Mum's Craft Shop which also challenging you to use button.  The final challenge blog is Jelly Park Friends where there Friday challenge was all about the children.  This photo was taken at Christmas which to me is really for the children and my personal excitement for went many years ago.  My button stash is huge so these challenges have helped to make a dent.

I am typing this on my blackberry and can't link to the sites above, however as soon as I can get on my laptop I'll put the links up.

LO made using my CKC September kit Take Note.  Mostly picked American Crafts papers with some MME with twine bows and lots of buttons.

Friday, 14 September 2012


This month for the challenge over at Sarah's Cards I have used their February 2011 kit which contained Glitz papers.  Its hard to believe that I had this kit 18 months ago and this is the first LO I have made using it. 

Another LO for Liam's album which I am concentrating on at the moment as I really have so many gaps compared to Freya's albums.  The LO came together very quickly with this lovely sketch and the DT have made some stunning LO's.

Lego Pals

Last month Lisa Jane did a series about her love of 6 x 6 pads.  There were some lovely ideas and at the end of the series she set a challenge to scrap with 6 x 6 pads.  This is my LO:
Picture taken over 2 years ago when we had a short break in Legoland for Freya's birthday.  I have scrapped lots of photos for Freya but very few for Liam's album.  I have sure American Crafts Shoreline which I have both the 12 x 12 and the 6 x 6 pad.  Just love these bright colours which go wonderful with the lego models. 

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Snowdon Mountain Railway

Over the summer we wnt to Snowdon.  The weather was fantastic and I thought, finally I will get to be at the top of Snowdon without any cloud.  Lets face it, I've been to the top 12 times, surely no. 13 will be the lucky one!  Well it wasn't to be this time, five minutes from the top the cloud came down heavily.  The pictures used on this LO are actually a postcard that I have cut up and done in a photo strip style.

Made using MME Miss Caroline.  I am entering this LO in to the challenge at The Colour Room where the challenge was to use sea green, red, kraft and a cheveron.  I have made my own chevron with Mister Huey's, a studio calico chevron mask and kraft card.  I have used this sketch

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

WOYWW (12 August 2012)

I know after last weeks desk shame I should hang my head very very low.  However, it got far far worse.

I am in the process of down sizing stash.  Yes, its got to be done.  First phase is empty all the monthly kits out of the boxes.  This week I have tackled Studio Calico kits and have put them all in 12 x 12 bags, then filed in hopper croppers.  Instead of my expedit and wardrobe covered in boxes they now fit on half of the expedit.  Looks so much better already.

As a reward I have done some scrapping.  I started on my LSNED 2012 album by making some of the pages as I am waiting for my photos. 
This is how my desk now looks after all those boxes have been thrown away:

Pop on over to Julia to take a look at some other crafty spaces.

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Tuesday Tallies (11 September 2012)

I haven't been that productive this week.  I was so looking forward to the kids going back to school but I just seemed to crash.  I had shingles 4 weeks ago and I am still struggling with the fatigue which is why I have not got as much as I would have liked done.  This week I managed 12 squares:

Pop on over to Carole for some other one a day progress posts.

Monday, 10 September 2012

10 Things On The 10th (September 2012)

This month my 10 things are a list of very personal things. Things concerning my future and the future of my two beautiful children. Things have not been great the last few years and I have come to some big decisions and there are going to be some very major changes to our lives over the next 12 months.  These changes are based on my health and happiness which i have always put to the back of the queue. Instead i have concentrated on the happiness of others, usually the wrong peoples happiness and usually to my detriment. Something which must change.

I need to take 'little' steps to achieve our goal. There are lots of 'little' steps needed but they will be done over the next 6 months.  This is an additional list of goals to the ones in my 'This Year I Will' post and there are many others to be achieved too.  These are the ones which i will concentrate on this month:

1.  Deal with the issues linked with my employment.  Its not going to be a pleasant experience but I now know the decision is the right one for my future happiness and also my health.  The one thing I have been fighting for over the last 18 months seems so insignificant and now I am letting go the weight on my shoulders seemed to disappear overnight.  Its strange what we think is important. I have come to realise personal health and happiness along with the love of your family is all that really matters.

2.  Deal with all the paperwork needed to achieve financial stability for us.  Only so much of this can be done before point 1 is finalised but i need to get everything in place to make sure things run smoothly.

3.  Downsize craft supplies and reduce my hoarding until stash just fills my expedit unit.

4.  Purchase some more D Ring scrap albums and store my LOs prior to 2008. The later ones are sorted in matching albums but I want the earlier ones transferred from the different post bound albums. They will look so much better and can then all be stored together.

5.  Sort out my clothes.  I have lost just over 2 stone over the past 15 months and i have so many clothes that don't fit it is unbelieveable. Work clothes need to be gone through with a realistic mind, what I don't need must go.  I am also adamant the weight is not going back on therefore the larger clothes can go.

6. Purchase the 3 canvas prints I would like.  We had the photo shoot back in February and I've never got round to ordering them.

7.  Downsize the contents of the kitchen. Way too much stuff and lots of it doesn't get used. I have come to the conclusion I don't need a gadget to dry mushrooms that I inherited from my Mother. There are lots of similar things lurking in the back of the cupboards.

8.  Downsize the kids toys and other contents of their bedrooms and every other room of the house where they have left their belongings. Have some new house rules to impose which I know they are not going to like.

9.  Finish all the scrapping classes I have started.  I am taking Shimelle's LSNED class again this year but can you believe I still have pages left in my album from 2 years ago. I also have gaps in my Journal Your Christmas alums for the past 2 years plus 4 months of Document 2011 not completed.  Lots of unfinished classes that I need to complete.

10. Take time to review and improve my lifestyle choices. Because of health issues there are certain things that will never be perfect but at times there are other choices I could choose. I need to put my health and happiness higher on my agenda and put me first, something which I have always struggled with.

Some of these 10 things are a little vague but until certain things have been finalised I cant reveal the full details of my master plan.  But the one thing I am certain of is I will celebrate that big birthday next year and life will begin at 40 and this will become our daily view:

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Summer 2012 CHA Releases; Being Thrifty & Selective

Lots of new releases from CHA have started to hit stores and I am loving some of them more than I should.  I really do have an overload of supplies and I don't think I will ever scrap at least half of what I have.  Yet as new CHA I buy up loads.  This year like a lot of people the purse strings are getting tight.  I don't drink, I don't smoke, I don't do the social scene like a lot of other people and alot of other things that so many families do; my kids do not have all the latest gadgets and to ensure they are grounded they never will and then there is the fact that it is only me. 
Well, summing that all up money is limited and like a lot of families purses are being tightened.  This year this is my NEED list:
MME Sweetest Thing - Tangerine, Honey, Bluebell and Lavender*
MME Indie Chic - Citroen, Ginger, Nutmeg* and Saffron*

ECHO PARK Everyday Eclectic

ECHO PARK - For The Record 2 Documented

ECHO PARK - For The Record 2 Tailored

October Afternoon - Woodland Park

Bella Blvd - Birthday Book (Liam's Papers)*

Bella Blvd - Birthday Girl (Freya's Paper)*

Bella Blvd - Thankful

* just the ones with asterisks to buy now and I really think that will be it for this CHA releases.

There are a few other ranges that I have seen but to be honest they are just not jumping out at me.  I blame it on the fact I have so much paper and I really am thinking about costs.  Paper sat on a shelf doing nothing really is of no help to anybody.  It looks pretty but I will never use all of it.

What are you needing from these releases and are you at the point when you know this hobby has taken over your life and you can not buy any more supplies?

As every post needs a photo, here's some of the 1.200 photos I need to go through from our 3 weeks in Wales this Summer.

Thanks for looking.


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