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Wednesday, 5 December 2012

A Different Christmas

Christmas this is going to be very different from those over the past 10 years.

Different....very very different.

This year, we will not have a visit to Santa, you see, they no longer believe.

I am much more upset about this than they are.

No longer will I see their faces light up when they meet that special man.

No longer will they suddenly turn shy and go very quite, mouths open with an eye popping gaze.

No longer will I creep around on Christmas Eve, collecting all the presents from their hiding places.

Christmas 2010 025

To be honest, they didn't really believe last year, but we visited Santa and went through the motions. I think it was more to keep me happy, rather than them.

They are growing up, growing up way too fast.


It honestly scares me.

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Lisa-Jane said...

Awww! I still believe! We were talking about this the other day, believing in the magic and the history if not the actual facts of who does what on the day. I hope you have a good one and that 2013 is a much better year for you all xx


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