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Monday, 26 March 2012

A Fantastic Weekend Adventure.

I have just returned home from the most wonderful fun packed weekend with this group of wonderful ladies:

Many many thanks to Sarah & Lianne for organising it all and thanks also to the DT for your stunning creative work.  Just love them all so much.  

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Blogging.....It's A Hard Thing To Do

When you blog on a regular basis every few days its becomes part of your life.  Then life takes over.  First the little things and then the big things.  Before you know it you last blogged on Valentine's Day and then its Mothering Sunday.

That's what happened here.


The little things.

The big things.

After a month a way from your little blog, your part of the web, it's hard to start again.

Where to pick up.

What to include.

What to leave out.

That's the hard thing when so much has happened.

It all started with half term.  A whole week away from work and school.

Day trips out:

Family Photo Shoot:

Back to work & school.

Hospital visits.





School assemblies

School choir concerts

Band practice (lots and lots and lots!).

Band concerts (Symphany Hall, Birmingham).


Meals out:


Lots of crochet

Project Life

1 to 7 Jan

8 to 14 Jan

15 to 21 Jan

22 to 28 Jan

29 Jan to 4 Feb

5 to 11 Feb

12 to 17 Feb

18 to 24 Feb

25 Feb to 2 March
After seeing the official PL pockets I placed an order and decided to do a two page spread each week.  Just need to print off a few more photos for some weeks now I have expanded each week to two pages.

Bromsgrove Crop

Sticks & String

Knit & Natter

Fun, exciting times.

And then it all went wrong.

A week of feeling tired.

Very tired.

Not feeling right, but not knowing exactly why.

Then last Thursday chest pains and a fast beating heart.

The back of an ambulance.

Heart rate of 196 and not slowing down.

After 5 hours of tests, GTN spray and tablets my heart rate goes down to 130.  Still too high but much better.

On Friday afternoon the hospital manage to get my heart rate down to 100 and send me for an angiogram. 

Didn't hurt, not really unpleasant but the lying wide awake with a wire in your heart is mentally not a comfortable feeling.  Everything is clear.

After 6 hours, my wrist stops bleeding.  Just typical its me who bleeds and bleeds!

Heart rate is down, its the weekend.  They send me home.

Still very very tired.

Twinges in the nerves in my neck all day Saturday.  Phone the hospital, they say don't worry.

Then last night it all becomes clear, very clear.  The blisters appear.....

Shingles (Again!)


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