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Monday, 30 August 2010

The Butterfly Is Flying!

There really is no rest for that little butterfly above this week.  Here are some more LO's I've completed:

That's 23 down now and only another 27 to go until I can buy stash!

Sunday, 29 August 2010

Playing With Picasa

Had both relaxing and eventful few days.  Managed to get the kids out in the fresh air a couple of times this week.  On Friday we managed an afternoon at the Black Country Living Museum with a ride on a canal boat.  It was lovely to be out of the house.  On Thursday we went for a walk over Cannock Chase.  It was cloudy & grey overhead but dry apart from the last 3 minutes when it started to drizzle.  Sadly we didn't see any deer which Liam and Freya were quite disappointed about.  

During all the excitement this week I have also managed to dislocate my finger twice.  When I dislocated it the second time earlier today I phoned NHS Direct to ask what to do as it had popped back in.  Stupidly said I felt a little dizzy.  The nurse asked if there were was anyone in the house with me.  Replied just kids aged 7 & 8.  Next thing I know an ambulance is here!  Apparently I was a little pale.  Blood pressure was checked, a little low and colour had returned and we decided a trip to A&E was not needed as my finger was back in and the hospital wouldn't do anything with me anyway!  A little extreme reaction but I suppose the nurse was erring on the side of caution.  Thankfully its my left hand and I can function pretty well.  Moral of this story - don't say you feel dizzy and no adults around!

Well I sat up in the middle of the night unable to sleep and I have finally managed to find sometime to play with some pictures in Picasa and make a collage.

This is my first attempt:

I have some lovely photos of the kids at the same event/activity and I may make a few collages and get them printed to scrap.  I usually end up with lots of LO's of the same event as I can never pick my favourite shots.  At least this way it will save me having to choose which photos to leave out.  I was thinking of having them printed as 7" x 5" or 8" x 6" instead of the usual 6" x 4" which will be far too small for a collage.

Going to try to get some sleep now as I have a fun packed day of housework to look forward to!

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday?

Firstly please excuse the poor lighting in the photo, this so called summer weather is not helping!  Somebody please tell me where summer went.  This is today's desk:

A little messy after Freya did some crafting earlier.  I've completed a few more LO's this week but have yet to take photo's.  The light is not brilliant in our house and all this dark drab weather has not given rise to great photo opportunities.  Forcast looks good for tomorrow so I will try to photograph them then.

If you want to know what this WOYWW is all about visit Julia's amazing blog where all will be explained.  Sorry I didn't manage to leave messages for all but I managed to visit over 100 of you lovely fellow WOYWWers with comments for most of you. Sorry but with all that is going on I'm not able to keep up with everyone but I am trying to visit & comment on different blogs each week.  One day, when my kids have left home I may have the chance to visit you all!

Well, as I type this I have a bunny running round the lounge.  Freya has brought her in and put her down on the floor.  Lets just say after 15 minutes of freedom she is not going back to her hutch willingly!  We may be some time........

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Whats On Your Workdesk Wednesday?

Wednesday again!  Doesn't time fly.  Here is my desk today:

Here are another two LO's I did yesterday:

This now means I have completed the 18 LO's I planned for this month and I only need to do another 34 until I can buy more stash!

If you want to join in and see other crafty spaces across blogland visit Julia at Stamping Ground.

Monday, 16 August 2010

Shimelle's Summer Crop Part 3

Coming close to the end now of this years Summer crop by Shimelle and I have completed 2 more scrap challenges

Friday 12pm Scrap Challenge - Sketch

Challenge was to use this sketch:

sketch for scrapbook page

Here is my interpretation - Canal Walk

Friday 4pm Scrap Challenge -Use Circles

First time bowling can only mean a circle themed LO:

Well that all for me.  Really happy with what I have created over the weekend but with little ones needing constant attention I have not completed 10 of the scrap challenges.  Over the next two weeks I fully intend to complete these as some of the on-line shops I buy from are having CHA deliveries - Sarah'e Cards even has a number due in stock this week and the sneak peeks are lush!  Love Cosmo Cricket alpha's to name but a few,  I can really see how some purchasing of embellishments will help me to reduce pp stash and that's a good thing right? lol

Shimelle's Summer Crop Part 2

Here I am back again to show what I have been up to at Shimelle's Summer Crop.

online scrapbooking crop

Completed a few more challenges today:

Friday 10am Scrap Challenge - Colour combination of Red, Aqua & White

This is my LO for this colour scrap challenge - Good Old Fashioned Play

I took soooo many photo's of these LO and just could not avoid the glare on the 'play'.  So here is a close up:

I have used the rose ribbon and red brazzil from Sarah's Cards June kit.  Alpha's and cardstock from stash.  The photo was taken at the Black Country Living Museum where you will find a whole village from the 1930's including sweet shop, bakery, chemist, hardware, school, church, houses and even a fish & chip shop who just happen to sell the most amazing fish & chips!  All the buildings are original period buildings that have been taken down then rebuilt at the museum.  Great day out for all ages if you live nearby.

Friday 11am Photo Challenge - Close Up Picture

Was undecided what to photograph and ended up with a couple of things - copics & yarn:

Saturday 11am Photo Challenge - Photograph the sky

We went for a walk at the local covert this evening and this is a photo of the sky through the trees

Saturday 3pm Photo Challenge - Photograph nature

Again a photo from our walk this evening

Sunday 11am Photo Challenge - photo of a person

This is Liam and Freya looking at the field of horses during our walk this evening

Sunday 12pm Scrap Challenge - use this sketch

sketch for scrapbooking

My interpretation is 'lets share':

Sunday 1pm Photo Challenge - Your Craft Space

Feels a bit like WOYWW photographing my desk but here it is on Sunday:

Sunday 2pm Scrap Challenge - Create an embellishment using off cuts

Here's mine which I used on 'lets share'

Sunday 4pm Scrap Challenge - use one collection of papers

Here I have used one of my current favourite manufacturers - Echo Park, Life Is Good

Sunday 5pm Photo Challenge - Photo of a smile

Here is one cheeky little smile:

Sunday 7pm Photo Challenge - Photo of home

Well I have already shown you my craft desk and our evening walk which only leaves the cooker, the washing machine or the computer screen which have entered my eyesight today.  Computer screen wins!

Sunday 8pm Scrap Challenge - What scrapbooking means to me

I find scrapbooking to be a great creative outlet that enables me to preserve the wonderful events I am living through my children’s eyes. I hope that in years to come they will have these Lo’s to remind them of all the joys they have brought me.

Still a few challenges left to complete.  Close of submissions is 6am Tuesday GMT.  May have time to complete a few more tomorrow.  One of the challenges (Friday 6pm Scrap Challenge) is to scrap black and white photos.  Don't have any black and white photos printed but hoping I have time to get these printed in black & white on a 1hr tomorrow:

Saturday, 14 August 2010

Shimelle's Summer Crop Part 1

Well so far Shimelle has set 26 challenges over the past 2 days; 14 scrap challenges and 12 photo challenges.  Not had much success so far as I have only managed to complete 3 of the challenges; 2 scrap & 1 photo.  Think all of this rainy weather has washed my mojo away!  

online scrapbooking crop

Here are the completed challenges to date:

Friday 8pm Scrap Challenge - Use 4 patterned papers:

Used the lovely Hey Birdie from Keiser Crafts.  There are 2 pp's in the middle, cut out pattern across the bottom of the page and the 4th pattern is hand cut out - trees, mushrooms, flower, birds & butterfly.  The photo is also matted on a 5th pp.

Close up of the hand cutting:

Saturday 2pm Scrap Challenge - Use this sketch

sketch for scrapbooking

This is my interpretation, again using Hey Birdie papers.

Friday 7pm Photo Challenge - Signposts

This is my sign post.  One that is constantly ignored.  Suggestions for suitable punishments will be gladly appreciated.

Well its time for my weary head to hit the pillow.  Hope to complete many more of the challenges tomorrow, especially the scrap ones as I need to get those butterflies flying at supersonic speed!  I NEED new stash lol.

Friday, 13 August 2010

Lots Of LO's

Managed some scrapping yesterday evening.  In fact 4 LO's were completed late into the night, with inspiration taken from current Scrapbook Magazine.

Hopefully over the weekend I will cut further in to those 50 LO's as I am hoping to complete a few Lo's for Shimelle's Summer Crop.

Thursday, 12 August 2010

What's On Your Workdesk Thursday?

Day Late, but here goes.  Had a few ups and lots of downs the past week and no scrapping/crochet/crafty things done :0(, so I'll show you my storage unit which is slowly being filled.

Filled to the extent that it is not big enough, this is what is stored on the top:

Need to order some more clear 12 x 12 boxes and a visit to Ikea to get some more storage boxes is on the cards for the near future.  Thought I would get the green ones instead of white this time.  Ikea make orange, black, green and white.  Feel like breaking the white up a bit and orange and black won't go with the colour scheme of my room which is this:

The green boxes are a little darker but as it will be on the opposite wall to the wallpaper so they will co-ordinate.  Would love to have the whole room painted in an off white, but with the craft area I know I need to paint a dark colour that won't show every mark.  

Right at the bottom of my expedit unit I have 3 drawers which are 32cm cubed and all full of lovely yarn waiting to be crocheted.  Here is a little peak inside one of them:

The four balls at the front are intended for a ripple banket.  Just love the colours, which sadly have not come out too well - the turquoise is a lot brighter and the cream is more yellow in the photo.

Sorry I didn't get round to leaving comments last week - I did manage to visit about 50 of you - but life was just topsy turvy and the weekend just went a different path to the one intended and then the childminder cancelled and the things I had planned to do while the kids weren't here took 10 times longer.  Hope to visit and comment on as many blogs as I can this week but its most likely to be the weekend.  Thanks for visiting and would love to hear from you even if it is only a quick 'Hi' just to know you have been.


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