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Monday, 9 August 2010

Dry Day & Mega Photo Shoot!

Oh yes that is what we have had today, a lovely lovely super dry day!  Ok no sunny summer weather but it at least today was dry.  Finally got the kids out and set about on my mega scrapping photo shoot.  Its what all good Scrapping Mothers do, make their kids, jump, sit, stand, well generally pose for over 2 hours in order to get those few shots to scrap.  

Here are a few of my favourites:

At this point (just over 1 hour in) Liam has had enough

So to liven things up, we pose with a ladybird:

This is one of my favourites, little sad I didn't capture a ladybird with wings open on Liam but there is always another day - well I can hope for another dry day over the holidays, surely?

There are of course lots more and the ones of the ladybird are so gorgeous, some need a little cropping before they are printed but all in all I am pleased with the end results.  Oh apart from that dreadful tattoo on Freya's arm.  Went on a playdate last week and her friend Lizzie gave them to her, turned my back for one millisecond and there they were slapped on her arm.  I so detest them, arm scrubbing with olive oil is coming real soon!

Please note for a fee, models can be hired.  Sadly you will have to return the ladybird but you can keep the other two at no extra cost, I might even be persuaded to pay you to take them away ;0)

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