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Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Just Not Going To Happen

Well I did try, but sadly life got in the way....just not going to reach my target of 10 LO's this month. Just on my way home from work now, got a medical appoinment at 4, then need to feed the kids then get them to Beavers for 6. This will give me around an hour of scrapping before I need to pick them up. Off out tomorrow night, so it is very clear I will not do 5 LO's in 1 hour tonight.

Did try, but sadly failed :0(

Sunday, 27 June 2010

Just Swing

Completed another LO after taking a break for this at the pub after the football:

I have based my LO on this sketch at Ideas For Scrapbookers.  Do go and visit the blog as it is a great resource for ideas as well as sketches.

Again I have used my October Afternoon Fly A Kite papers:

Not quite sure if it needs the bunting or not.  But if I do add it, think it will just be the top left corner and all across may be a little too much.  This photo was taken at the same time as our woodland wood.  In our local covert, someone many many years ago has constructed a swing in the trees.  Not quite sure if it is the same swing but there was definitely one there 25 years ago as I too used to play on it.

Twisted Sketches #55


Above is this weeks sketch and the twist is flags.  Every Wednesday you get a new sketch published for scrapping and every Saturday there is a card sketch.  Check out all the crafty creations here.  I used October Afternoon's Fly A Kite papers and this is what I came up with whilst watching the football:

Please excuse the flash on the photo but camera does not want to play today and try as I might I just can't turn the flash off.

But Not Too Hot For This

It may have been a day of heat yesterday and way too hot to scrap but it certainly was not too hot for this:

We had started with a little bit of water in the pool, added a little more:

Then some more water:

And then ended up with this:

 And today?  We are having lots of this:

Saturday, 26 June 2010

Just Too Hot To Scrap!

Planned on having a scrapping frenzy today but sadly with this heat, it has just not happened.  There just seems no air at all.  First got poor Snowball out of his cage for a run around in the lounge with the fan on.  He really appreciated that and seemed much brighter after.

Liam just loves to hold him like he is a baby and the silly thing just lets him.

Then I spent nearly an hour moving the poor guinea pigs on to the patio as it is in the shade of our copper beach.  It was just way too hot for them on the grass.  I sprayed the patio before I moved them and they just perked up no end when they were moved.  Pity the same can't be said for me!

My Dad is calling at my Mother In Laws later today to pick up my foot pump so we can pump some air into the kids new paddling pool.  Quite glad the pool was deflated today as its just too hot for them to go out, especially for Freya, who like me, goes lobster at the slightest hint of the sun.

Hoping to get some energy back and get some scrapping done after we have eaten.

Friday, 25 June 2010

Post Office Collections

Have had a lovely walk in to Town this morning, in the beautiful sunshine to collect some parcels that have been delivered this week and as nobody was in they were all taken back to the post office.

Arrived this week are the colourful June Scrapagogo Kit:

and the scummy Sarah's Cards Kit:

As I have only completed 3 of my targeted 10 LO's this month, I see some serious scrapping coming on this weekend.  Sadly got some boring admin type things to do this afternoon before the kids come out of school, so scrapping will have to wait until tomorrow :0(

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Calling All Tilda Fans

A new Tilda monthly challenge blog starts 1st July.  Clink the image below.

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Mad Hatter????? What Was I Thinking of?

Can't sleep again and have been sitting on the sofa downstairs watching tv.  On the fire place is this:

And it is staring straight back at me burning a hole in the side of my head!

Can someone please tell me what on earth I was thinking about when I glued this title on, yes glued as the sticky back was rubbish and the letters kept falling off.  It should read 'Alice And The March Hare'  What on earth was I thinking????  Anybody can see that Freya is holding a rabbit!

Perhaps, now I have published this post it will no longer drive me nuts and I will be ale to sleep.  

Night all x

Saturday, 19 June 2010

Pencil Lines Sketch #191

I was inspired by this:


I used this:

May Flowers Bring Spring Showers

And came up with this:

Challenge can be found here.

Stash used:

May Scrapagogo Kit
Martha Stewart butterfly punches
Kaiser Pearls

Twisted Sketches #54

The sketch this week is:

With the twist being 'bold - any how, any way'.  You can find the weekly challenge here.  This is my interpretation:

Journaling reads "....no, just Freya and Snowball.  But they do live in Wonderland.  May 2010".  Personally I am a lot more happy with this LO than the one I did at the crop on Thursday night.

Stash Used:

Cosmo Cricket Delovely papers
Bazzill, Cardstock
Thickers Alpha
Stampin Up Punches, butterfly & tag
Woodware Punch, corner
Nesties, Scalloped Classic Circle 
Pearls by Kaiser Crafts

Friday, 18 June 2010

Finally Completed A LO And A Little Bit Of Crochet

It may have been the 17 June yesterday but I finally completed my first LO this month.  With everything going on my mojo has really gone and I have just not had the time or the inclination to scrap. At the Bromsgrove Crop last night I completed this:

Think I need to add a little cotton to the buttons to complete it.

Also have some crochet to show you.  Have used the teal sublime wool and done a round on Liam's Granny Squares and stitched them together:

Freya was very insistent Snowball had a cuddle, stupid animal just let her wrap him up in it:

It is so lovely and cuddly.  Blanket is going to be 7 squares by 12.  Only another 75 squares to go!  Before anyone does the maths, I have a ninth square that I haven't stitched together yet.  

Had a delivery of new yarn today which I will photograph and show you over the weekend.  This is also going to be Granny Squares, just love doing them and the they so easy to take places.

Wednesday, 16 June 2010


.......a right old mess.  In fact an even bigger mess then last week.  No paper crafting taken place this week at all as with everything going on, just been too busy, too tired and too stressed.  Have however, been crocheting.  

Working on my Granny Stripe blanket, considering the amount of time I've put into it there is little progress but that it probably down to the fact that it is 390 stitches wide!  I wanted it wide enough to go on the sofa seats and up and over the arms of the s.  I am completing 2 rows in each colour and it is taking a whole ball for these 2 rows.  When I have done a bit more I will post a picture.  At present it just looks a little pitiful.

Also been working on Liam's Granny Square blanket.  When I have been to medical appointments this week (Monday & Tuesday consisted of 1 Dr and 2 Hospital appointments with a further appointment today and 1 on Friday!) I have been taking the Granny Squares with me as the are easy to pop in my handbag. 

Talking of medical appointments, got on really well with Liam's this afternoon.  Finally making progress, after a very long 3 years.  Consultant thinks it is Aspergers, but they are going to rule out ADHD first.  Given us some medication to help.  However, they say he has a heart murmur and are referring him to the cardiac clinic.  Was quite annoyed with this, as Freya has a hole in the heart, as does one of their paternal cousins.  When Freya's was diagnosed at the age of 3, I took Liam to our GP to get him checked and was told everything was fine.  

Freya was prem and was classed as a failure to thrive and had been under the paediatricians since birth.  It was only at the age of 3 when they decided she was now a good weight and height for her age that they would discharge her.  Just as we are walking out of the door, the consultant says, hang on, I should really check her heart and chest before you go.  Now in the whole 3 years she had been under the paediatricians she had been in and out of hospital and constantly having her heart listened to and nothing had ever been picked up, completely missed.  Luckily, no harm was done but now at the age of 8 they are telling me Liam could also have the same problem.  Beggars belief but will now have to see the Consultants at Birmingham Children's Hospital, shame they can't fit him in this Friday when I take Freya for her yearly check up!

Just need to find childcare for Wednesday & Thursday night now as the after school club they were going to won't have Liam anymore due to his behaviour. Still won't have him even if I get a diagnosis and treatment.  Luckily there are only 5 weeks until summer holidays and with the help of my Dad we are going to muddle through, then find someone for September.  Always knew there was a reason why I allowed my Father to squat in my garage.  

Perhaps I should explain that remark, lol.  When my Mom passed about 3 years ago, I inherited my Father, not quite sure what I did do deserve that, but my Mother thought it fit.  He now lives in what was my dinning room and the garage is converted for his bedroom. Dinning room was moved into the lounge, as its 32ft long its not too bad, but I do miss being able to shut the door on the dining room and what is essentially my craft space. 

Anyway, back to crochet.  Have decided that I don't like Freya's Granny squares.  I have been using a 4mm hook, as recommended for the chosen wool  and they just don't seem right, tension is all wrong.  So have tried little tester squares in 3.5mm and 3mm and I am going to start all over again using a 3.5mm.  Going to end up wasting some wool but I am really not happy with it.

So without further ado, here is today's (very messy) desk:

Edited 7.10 - added photo of desk

View through the window:

Edited 7.10 - added photo of view from the window

If you wonder what this WOYWW lark is all about, please visit the lovely Julia and take a look at all the other desks.  I would like to say that I updated my browser and have finally corrected the problem I was having with leaving comments, YAY!!!! At last I can leave comments for you all.  

Sadly due to personal circumstances, ie the madness that has gone on over the last week, I was unable to visit everyone, think I got to around #65 on the list of way over 100.  I think this week I will start at the end and work backwards as most people tend to link up at about the same time each week.  this will mean I can visit the people that I didn't visit last week.  Well to be honest, I was actually visiting some yesterday, but better late than never.

Must dash as I am off to the Dr's to have large needles put in my hips.  So love having these injections especially as things get far worse before they get better.  Can't wait to spend the next 3/4 days on crutches or in my super duper speedy granny scooter.  You really should see me go!

Hugs Can x

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

All Is Calm On The Western Front.....

.......for now anyway.  After yesterdays 'adventures', things are a lot calmer in the 'wannabe scrapbook addict' house.  After a three, yes that is three, year battle, we finally have an appointment for my Son to see a Paediatrician this afternoon.  The relief that this has given me is truly unbelievable, I really do feel as if a weight has been lifted from my shoulders.  Just need to see what happens this afternoon, but rest assured, I will NOT be fobbed off.

On the not so good news front, we had to take our youngest cat, Barcardi to the vets last night.  She has not been too well the past week with a very nasty upset tummy.  It took a few days to work out which cat it was, we have three. she is very timid to begin with and had been sitting out on the bench in the back garden, every time we have gone anywhere near he she had stood up and run off.  well she is quite poorly now and yesterday she did not run off and for the first time I was able to get to her.  She went straight in the basket and off to the vets.  Sadly the vet thinks it may be more than a little bug.  She on antibiotics and we need to go back next week to see the vet :0(

Kids have gone to school and I have a few hours now to catch up on housework, personally I would rather spend my time crafting but as I am having some medical treatment myself tomorrow which means I will be on crutches for a few days, I need to get the housework done today whilst still fully mobile then will be able to sit, rest and craft for the next few days.

Finished one of the Granny Squares last night, will try to get a few more done today then I can stitch a few together to show you.

Must dash as the washing, ironing, washing up, hoovering, dusting etc etc awaits! lol

Monday, 14 June 2010

See this.......

Well to be honest, I am going to hit my head against it before the day is out!

So been into the village this afternoon to go for a walk to clear my head and somehow, really really not sure how but I ended up in the wool shop, oh my oh my, how on earth did that happen?

And as it is very very rude to just go in and touch, smell and look at the yarn, I just had to buy some.  Here are my little goodies:

Four balls of Rico Baby DK and :

1 ball of sublime merino wool

Well.......in fact there were a few more purchases but my LYS is lovely, they let you choose what you want for a project and then buy 1 ball at a time when you need it.  They put your purchase outback in a box, so you will know you have perfect colour matches!  One of the many perks of a LYS, friendly service, spread the cost and you can actually see the yarn before you buy.

Thanks for visiting, off to the hospital, to be yet again, prodded and poked.  Then home to start the Granny Squares with the Sublime wool.  Promise I will post later to show how the squares are looking.

Friday, 11 June 2010

The Only Sort Of Perfection There Is

Please spare some time and take a look at this blog post by Stephanie and the link contained within.
I read this and was, for once, quiet quite speechless.  Stephanie just described me!
Both Stephanie and Kelly agree that scrapping is a happy thing.  We feel pressurised to put a happy pretty front for all to see.  but are our lives really like what our blogs portray?
I will admit I do look at others blogs and think 'your life is perfect and mine quite frankly is anything but'. There are so so many women with blogs that I read who are sahm and in happy relationships.  I am struggling to think of blogs that I read who have children the same age as mine, are single and work.  All I see if other women sending little ones off to school and then their days are spent wrapped up in loveliness - they craft, bake and create homes, such wonderful, beautiful homes for their families to return to each evening.
In comparison, I work (what appears to be a rare thing in the crafting world if you have Primary School aged children or younger), I'm single (I have no supporting/understanding s/o), the house is chaos and I mean utter chaos.
Reading these other blogs makes me feel so inadequate in comparison.
But when I sit here and think about it, I have 2 beautiful children, I own my own home, all mine, I have my own money, I don't have to ask for money to buy anything, hell I don't even have to justify my spending habits.  In fact I don't have to justify anything to anyone apart from my heart and those of my children.  They are feed, they have a roof over their heads.  
We are happy as happy can be, just the little 3 of us.
So why do I compare myself to others? Please, someone explain to me.
There may be mess, I may iron our clothes for that day every morning and never ever reach the bottom of the ironing basket.  In fact I never find the bottom of the washing basket either!  But who cares?  Who sees this disorganisation?  If people are invited into our home and don't like what they see, they know where the door is, why do I want to spend my precious time and energy on those who judge me.  
The people I care about know me, they know my children and they know all we have been through.  If they don't understand or for that matter don't like what they see, why are they in our lives?
I therefore conclude with this:
My washing basket is never empty.
May ironing basket is never empty.
Do we make our beds, no, not often.
We quite often don't unload the dishwasher, just get the plates straight from it and use
We have cobwebs, not one, but lots
I always scrap the happy things, but I am going to change this
I may cross 6 things off my to do today list each night but you can be certain I have added at least another 10 to the list.
I have never scrapped about me, just because I find it so hard to put my feelings down on paper, even happy ones (having said that, read this post!  At this present moment, not sure if I will actually press the publish post button)
The father of my children never phones, has no contact with them.  In fact he gave up his job in order not to provide for them financially.
My Children are heart broken their Father does not call.  
I find it so hard trying to explain why their father does not call.
I am appalled he gave up his job just so he does not have to provide for his children.
I do not want nor do we need his money, but this is not the point.
I do not understand, nor believe I ever will understand, how he can just walk away from his children.  
I so want to tell my children what their father is really like, but deep down I know I must let them make up their own minds.  I struggle with this on a daily basis.
I find it incredibly hard juggling everything on my own.
I blame myself entirely about what has happened over the past few years
I love my children

Am I going to paint a pretty picture of my life?  Hell no.  Its my life and no its not pretty and if people don't like that fact, don't be a part of my life and don't read this blog.
But my life is perfect, the only sort of perfection there is.

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Big Life Decision

Well I've thought and I've thought and thought a bit more.  I spent sleepless nights and stressful days thinking about this subject over the past few weeks.  My health has not been too good over the past 12 months, well to be honest I've had health issues over the past 17 years, its just things have gone down hill on a rather large scale over the past 12 months and to be honest its not going to get any better.

Thought things through long and hard, discussed with my GP, medical and surgical teams in great detail and have come to the conclusion big life changes are needed.  I've come to the decision that a number of issues in my life must change but the biggie is work.  I may regret this when we have no food on the table but from next Monday I no longer work full time but 27 hours a week over 4 days and I am having 10 weeks a year off unpaid.  This gives me 2 shorter days a week and Friday off plus all school holidays apart from Christmas and Feb half term off.

As a single parent who gets no financial support from the Father of her children, the reduction in hours will have a large impact on us financially.  However, I'm quite sure the benefit to my health and to my children's lives will ease this impact.  It cuts me up so much having Freya ask me every holiday 'why do you have to go to work, my friend's Mommy's are at home with them, why can't you be here?'.  This statement every holiday plus my drop in wages has brought me to the decision to not work school holidays.  At £200 per week for school club, I automatically save £2k.  Just need to sit and see what the budget brings, lets just wish for lower taxes, well a girl can wish!

On a more positive note, just booked at lovely holiday for October, something good to look forward to.  Plus a whole day every Friday to craft lol, sadly probably won't have money to buy new stash but lets face it, I do have enough to last me well into old age!

Thank You Card

A Thank You card at this time of year lends itself beautifully to a card to give to a teacher. 

This one is quite plan and simple.  Would like to enter it into:

Creative Card Crew - Thank You Card

Stash Used

Bazzill Cardstock, Rose Garden by Papermania patterned papers & alpha, pearls by Keiser,  Nesties label 2 and Martha Stewart punches.  Ribbon & bow from stash.

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Whats On Your Workdesk Wednesday?

Today we have:

A new WOYWW Post Header!!!!!

And on the desk?  A bit of a mess really. 'What's new?' I hear you say!  Craftwise the last week I have been plodding on with the crochet, little cross stitch & card making for the school fayre.  You can see some Tilda's stamped ready to finish colouring in.  Scroll down to some earlier posts to see a few of the cards I have made.  Most of the rest is self explanatory, if not please ask:

To the right, box of Martha Stewart punches, getting a little addicted to these, collection is not too big, but I do have my eye of alot more, however, for the meanwhile no new stash.  See here, even put it in writing and I am really pleased to say I have stuck to it, well so far!

A sleeping cat, Bubbles, in the lid to the box for my Martha Stewart punches:

To the left.  Pile of 300 photos that arrived last week waiting to be sorted into Liam's/Freya's scrapbook packs, duplicate photos of some events and I have been known to scrap the same photo for one child twice instead of 1 each, annoying when really girly pink, something that Liam just does not do!  Then need to date and event them, 'cause by the time I get round to scrapping some of them I really won't have a clue about date and what we were doing/celebrating.

Finally, very wet & grey view from the window, ok its 5.28am but it should be brighter than this!  Didn't you know June = Sunny!

I have been spending the last few days trying to write down the web addresses of everything in my favourites - please note, this includes a rather large list of kids on-line games - as I am going to change browser in the hope it will sort the problem I am having with not being able to leave messages on alot of peoples blogs.

I am going and looking, its just I can't leave messages for you all.  However, due to life I was unable to visit everyone last week.  So sorry to those I could not see but it seems to be taking quite a substantial amount of time to visit you all, especially as I seem to get side tracked and look at other posts to see what everyone has been up to over the past week!

Well, if you don't know what is happening and want to find out, please visit Julia who will explain all about the addictive WOYWW.

Have been looking at Julia's blog this week and I wanted to make a comment about her Sunday post entitled 'How To prepare For A Crop'.  Unfortunately Julia's is one of the blogs I am unable to comment on.  Julia, this is how I prepare for a crop.  Pack around 500 photos in your tote and then pack EVERYTHING you own into as many bags as you can manage, then spend the first hour of the crop drinking tea, chatting and deciding with fellow scrappers what papers etc go best.  Must less stress, well on the head, as to the stress on the back due to carrying everything you own, now that is entirely a different matter.

PS I am looking for a score board (Correct name?) to make my own card blanks, boxes etc.  Can anyone recommend a good reasonably priced one and where it is stocked online. Thanks

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

New Monthly Craft Challenge


A new monthly challenge blog will launch next Monday.  Visit Bunny Zoe's Crafts wher the challenge will be launched the 2nd Monday of every month.

They also have a great on-line shop with a lovely range of stamps, I see a spending spree coming on!

Jungle Edwin Card

Meet Jungle Edwin:

I would like to enter my Jungle Edwin card in to the following challenges:

Secret Crafter - Sketch

One Stitch At A Time - Boys to Men

Magnolia Stamp Lovers - Fathers Day

Stash Used:

Magnolia Stamps, Nesties Labels 3, Bazzill cardstock, K & Co papers, Keisers rhinestones, copics

Thanks for looking x

Friday, 4 June 2010

Second Challenge Card

Here is the second card I have made today:

I would like to enter this card in to the following challenges:

Just Magnolia - Use a frame & Magnolia stamp - Tilda is framed by Tag 3 Nestabilities

Charisma Cards - Use a flower

Everybody Art - Summer

Cupcake Craft Challenges - Summer Delights

One Stitch At A Time - Use something New - Magnolia Stamp

Papertake Weekly - Fun, Fun, Fun - Summer Fun

Quirky Crafts - Girly Girl

Raise The Bar - Celebrate Summer

Paper Cutz - Vacation theme, car, plane etc - Country Cycling

Stampin With The Dragon - Summer, anything goes

La La Land - Summertime

Magnolia Stamp Lovers - Summertime

Magnolia Down Under - Flowers

Craftalicious - New - New Stamp

Stash Used:

Magnolia Stamp, Tilda with bike
Papermania Capsule Collection, Sunshine - patterned paper, ribbon, flowers & buttons
Bazzill cardstock
Woodware corner punch
Nestabilities Tag #3 set
Coloured with Copic Ciaos

I have taken photos whilst colouring in Tilda that I plan to put together as a tutorial on using Copics over the weekend.  Please come back and tell me what you think.  I personally am still learning to use the Copics and the tutorial is based on what I have learnt so far from trial and error plus looking at others techniques and advice.  Please feel free to provide me with tips if you know of any methods that I can use to improve my Copic skills.

Card Challenges Enteries

Its been a little hot around here today and as I don't do the heat (I burn really really easy) the planned visit to the park has been postponed until early evening.  In order to entertain myself and 1 little crafty little girl busy we have been card making.  Its the school fair a week tomorrow and we have been making some cards to donate for the school to sell to raise funds.  While making cards I thought we could combine the designs with some of the many card challenges. 

This is the first card:

I would like to enter this card into:

Totally Gorjuss - Wings - Butterfly wings

Pixie Dust Studios - Use Punch - Martha Stewart Around The Page Punches & Emperor & Classic Butterfly punches.

Lady Tilda stamp by Magnolia, Martha Stewart punches, Pearls by Keiser Crafts, Papers by K & Co, Cardstock Bazzill, coloured with Copic Ciaos.

Friday Follow Me


This is my first time of participating in Friday Follow.  Visit here to find out more and to join in.

If you are visiting me due to participating in Friday Follow, hello and welcome to my little home in blogland.  Hope you can get a little glimpse in to my life from this blog.  Any questions, please ask.

Off now to have a look round the other participants blogs and see what lovely & fun things they are up to.

Five Favourites For Friday

This weeks 5 favourites are:

Spending quality time with these two:

My Granny Stripe blanket, just loving crocheting it and love how quick it is progressing.  This pattern is so easy to complete:

The lovely weather we are having this half term, such beautiful clear blue skies:

Memories of our relaxing weekend away and this gorgeous sunset last Sunday evening:



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