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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Project Life w/c 7 May

As I said on Friday I have also completed up to the 13 May Project Life pages.  This was the week Thomas was born so there are lots of extra inserts this week.  

Oh and the hair had gone a little too blonde, so I've gone back to brown.  Why doesn't my hairdresser understand subtle blonde highlights?


Monday, 28 May 2012

Sunday Scrapping

I managed to complete two LO's on Sunday afternoon after I decided that I really had enough of the housework and gardening this weekend.  One is for the Chinese Whispers group so I can't show you it in full but here is a little sneak:

This is the other LO:

This design is taken from a LO created by Jen.  I've had a look on her blog and I can't find her LO; I think it was one created for Sarah's Cards Monthly kits.

I also managed this afternoon while sat in the garden to read through some of the prompts from Shimelle's Cover to Cover online course that is currently being run.  I have always kept my albums in chronological order and just never thought to store them any other way.  I must admit I am very surprised how many people don't store they LO's this way.  This has helped greatly with this class as I have skipped huge sections as I already stored my LO's like Shimelle was suggesting.  

I ordered a couple of new albums and put in my LO's for Freya for Volume 2 of 2010 and both volumes for 2011.  I also have looked where the gaps are in Freya's albums for these years and put the page protectors in place with relevant photos.  I had already done these for previous years for Freya and all of Liam's albums already had lists made for what LO's I wanted to make.  I must be psychic!

As well as albums for Liam and Freya I also have the Document 2010 and 2011 plus this years project life.  There are 3 other wip albums; our European holiday last year, my Brothers wedding also from last year and Thomas' first year album.  Then I have JYC 2010 & 2011 plus a Learn Something New Everyday album from 2010 (didn't have time to do one last year).  These are as close to an upgrade albums I have and to be honest there really are no other big events to put in separate albums.

One thing I don't have however, is an album about me.  Just hate having my photo taken in fact I have only ever scrapped 1 LO about me alone and that was this year at the retreat.  Think I may have to scrap some more and buy an album to store them in!


Sunday, 27 May 2012

Finally Some Sun

This week has been amazing!  Finally the sun is shining and the rain clouds have gone.  What better way to cool down than a water fight:

Long may the sun shine down on us!

Friday, 25 May 2012

Project Life; April 2012 Is Complete

The weekend is finally here and I have so many plans it is unreal.  But one thing I am certain of is I will probably not get half as much as I would like to done.  Just hope I can get on top of the housework as we have a few house things planned for next week and I need to box up and move items in 4 rooms.

Just to delay the start of all this housework I have decided to blog and show you April's pages which includes the Easter Holidays which has been split into 3 double pages with divider inserts.  

This is the 2 week Easter holidays:

Then it was back to school/work:

Well that brings me to the 6 May.  I have completed the following week with just last week and this week (which is not over until tomorrow night) to complete.  I've yet to order the photos for last week and until I do I may try and do some other scrapping.  Although I have stayed on top of this project it has been to the detriment of any other scrapping.  apart from Sarah's Cards retreat I have scrapped 3 other LO's this year and I also have September to December of Document 2011 to finish.  May see if I can spare a few hours over the weekend to complete some of Document 2011.

Have a great weekend and lets hope its a sunny one, fingers crossed.

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Project Life; March 2012 Is Complete

Hasn't the weather this week been fantastic.  Long may it stay, well at least until the end of half term.

Continuing with the Project Life album, these are March's pages:
This week had an extra insert:

Before I go here is a little picture of a young man who didn't want his 2 week old photo taken.  I think its more to do with the fact that he now has blue sheets yet you can still see a little bit of pink vest poking out the top of his sleepsuit:

Thanks for looking x

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Project Life; February 2012 Is Complete

As expected yesterday morning was a real shock to the system after I had to get up at silly o'clock for the first time in 12 days.  I didn't feel too with it last night either and as for this morning?  Best not to ask!

So before I crawl back very quickly in to my nice warm bed here are February's pages:

Enjoy your day x

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Project Life; January 2012 Is Complete

Can somebody please tell me where last week went?  
Considering I was on annual leave for the whole week I really achieved nothing.  Think it was the result of lots of busy weeks and I just went blah and was so tired all week.  I really am not looking forward to going back to work tomorrow as I do not feel rested at all.  But luckily its only 2 weeks then I have half term off.

Well as promised here is my completed Project Life pages.  I have finally gone back and filled in the gaps after I expanded from 1 page to a double page for each week.  To be honest I have not struggled to fill each pocket at all and there are plenty of other things I could include each week if I had the space. we are only 1/3 of the year through and I have nearly filled a AC album.  This is certainly going to be a 2 or 3 album project.  
I am going to show you 1 month each post over the next week.  
This is January:
If you take a look on the right hand bar you can see all the spaces I have had to fill in.  Be back soon to show you February's fully completed pages.

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Liam And Freya Meet Their Baby Cousin

We had taken a trip down to Wales on Thursday evening to say hello to our new little bundle but sadly Liam and Freya due their age were unable to go on the ward.  This meant another 2 hour drive to South Wales on Saturday where lots of cuddles were had and oddles of ooohs and ahhhhs were heard.

Cuddles with Aunty Candace

Cuddles with Grandad

Cuddles with Daddy

Super cute cuddles with Mommy

And finally a little photo that would give anybody the impression Thomas was supposed to be a girl:

Tuesday, 15 May 2012


Today my little boy turns 10, double digits, a whole decade.

How did that happen?

It doesn't seem like yesterday he was so small and helpless.  Lying in an incubator after he came too soon.  

Lying there so helpless and so very ill, so very yellow.

Ever the big proud Brother, protecting and caring for his little Sister:

And here he is now holding his little cousin, ever the proud caring young man he has remained.

Holding his little cousin who looks the spit of him.  That same little nose, same bottom lip and those same big blue eyes.

Happy Birthday Liam xxx


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