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Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Ta Da; Car Seat Blanket

I finished the car seat blanket as planned but haven't got round to showing the finished item yet.  So without further ado, here it is:

This blanket didn't really cost anything as it was made with ends from my stash. The greatest sort of project eh?

Its just the right size as we have tried it out on a 5 month baby and it snuggles up lovely.

As I am writing this we are still waiting for a little girl to arrive. The hospital didn't induce my Sister In Law as they were going to so we are waiting for nature to do what it does best.

With the change in weather, Saturday and Sunday were both dry and bright, i have managed to get some photos of my project life progress. Plus i managed to complete another week of Project Life at Bromsgrove crop last Saturday. I also made Deb's card class.

Must get me some of the flower stamps and matching dies that she used.  Plus i love the ribbon too.  Can see a Stampin' Up order coming on.

In other news we had 2 new chickens last week.  Sadly we Lost our light Sussex Mo and really noticed the loss of 1 egg to the extent I found I had to buy some!  As you need to introduce at least 2 birds due to them fighting we purchased these lovely girls; This is them still at the Garden centre, Stevie, a black rock:

and Zeberdee, a layman:

And this is the best picture I could get of all 5 of them together:


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Denise said...

Hello, I've just found your blog. I'm a bit fo a crochet nut too but mainly do scrapbooking


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