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Monday, 28 May 2012

Sunday Scrapping

I managed to complete two LO's on Sunday afternoon after I decided that I really had enough of the housework and gardening this weekend.  One is for the Chinese Whispers group so I can't show you it in full but here is a little sneak:

This is the other LO:

This design is taken from a LO created by Jen.  I've had a look on her blog and I can't find her LO; I think it was one created for Sarah's Cards Monthly kits.

I also managed this afternoon while sat in the garden to read through some of the prompts from Shimelle's Cover to Cover online course that is currently being run.  I have always kept my albums in chronological order and just never thought to store them any other way.  I must admit I am very surprised how many people don't store they LO's this way.  This has helped greatly with this class as I have skipped huge sections as I already stored my LO's like Shimelle was suggesting.  

I ordered a couple of new albums and put in my LO's for Freya for Volume 2 of 2010 and both volumes for 2011.  I also have looked where the gaps are in Freya's albums for these years and put the page protectors in place with relevant photos.  I had already done these for previous years for Freya and all of Liam's albums already had lists made for what LO's I wanted to make.  I must be psychic!

As well as albums for Liam and Freya I also have the Document 2010 and 2011 plus this years project life.  There are 3 other wip albums; our European holiday last year, my Brothers wedding also from last year and Thomas' first year album.  Then I have JYC 2010 & 2011 plus a Learn Something New Everyday album from 2010 (didn't have time to do one last year).  These are as close to an upgrade albums I have and to be honest there really are no other big events to put in separate albums.

One thing I don't have however, is an album about me.  Just hate having my photo taken in fact I have only ever scrapped 1 LO about me alone and that was this year at the retreat.  Think I may have to scrap some more and buy an album to store them in!


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Lisa-Jane said...

Same here, I definitely need to scrap more about myself but it feels a bit indulgent! Definitely got more out of this class that I thought I would at first but still lots to do!


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