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Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Tuesday Tallies (31 July 2012)

Not done much this week crochet wise.  I am trying to concentrate on some of my projects and get some items finished.  this week I have been working on the baby Rico Granny.  This is what I had completed before this week:

Not much considering it was started wy back in July 2010.  I know (hangs head in shame) 2 years ago!  Think it is time this project was finished. This week I have completed 5 squares:

I intend on making 6 of the larger squares to complete the blanket.  Don't forget to pop over to Carole to see other one a dy projects.

Monday, 30 July 2012

Restful Few Days

I've not been too well the last few weeks and after a week in hospital I have been doing what the medics told me; quite simply rest and relaxation.  Quite easy, I've rested, I've relaxed and scrapped and crocheted.  Then last week they said go out for a few hours, walk in the fresh air.  Easy eh?  No really.  We went out for the grand total of 4 1/2 hours on Wednesday and I've been totally wacked since then!  Absolutely wore me out.  Which is why I don't have any crafting projects to show you today.  Got some crochet but that if for my Tuesday Tallies tomorrow.  I was going to do some scrapping yesterday but slept until 4pm and I really don't have the energy to do any today either.

On our way home on Wednesday we passed a feild full of wheat and were able to pull over to take some photos:

Will be back tomoorw with my Tuesday Tallies crochet.

Sunday, 29 July 2012

The Camera Never Lies

Hope you are having a restful Sunday enjoying the Olympics.  I havew entered this LO in to 2 challenges over at Sudio Calico.  The first challenge was a sketch and the second challenge was to use a long title.

Thanks for looking x

Saturday, 28 July 2012

National Trust Visit; Benthall Hall

My 10 things on the 10th this month included a goal of visiting a National Trust Property every week over the summer school holidays.  This week we headed over to Shropshire to visit Benthall Hall.  For once we had some sun here in the UK and it was such a wonderful day to be out and about.  Here are a few pictures of the day:

Just to prove they do like each other; holding hands:

Such a wonderful place to visit.

Friday, 27 July 2012

Eton Mess Cake

Earlier this month I joined in with Shimelle's 10 things on the 10th and I blog a list of things I would like to do over the 6 weeks school summer holidays.  One of those was to try a new cake receipe every week.  This week I made an Eton Mess Cake.

Here are some pictures I took whilst making the cake:

Eggs and sugar:

Eggs and sugar after beating together:

All the ingredients mixed together:

With the meringues on top ready to go in the oven:


Ready to eat:

This cake is truely amazing and totally scrummy!
The recipe can be found here.

Thursday, 26 July 2012

And Now For Something Completely Different: UKS (July 2012)

This inspiration class on UKS has been taking place all year and this is the first time that I have actually had the time to sit down and make a LO.  all the other LO required certain types of materials which meant I would have to wade through my stash; a job which I NEVER want to have to do, would tke way too long.  I have always read the prompts and then just thought I'll come back to that another day but never did.  However this month's is so suited to me right now.  Well done Shimelle!

I am on a bust the stash mission and trying to use of scrapping kits, of which I have many.  My stash is taking over the house.  I am now down to scraps for Sarah's Cards October 2011 kit and when I read use scraps I literally jumped for joy.  Out came the box and off I went. 

This is what I came up with:

I still have scraps left and going to do another LO for my Daughter's album.

Only thing I'm not entirelly happy with is the stamped cameras as they didn't stamp properly on the washi tape and I had to restamp.  Well, its too late now.  Why is it always the thing you cant get rid off that goes wrong?

Loved this challenge and I really must get on UKS more often and take up a few more of the challenges.

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

WIPW (25 July 2012)

Hello Ladies.  This is the first time I have joined in but I have 'stalked' for a while looking at all the fabulous projects you are all working on.  I have not joined in before as I ever seem to have anything worth showing.  I do have lots of WIPs, I really do have lots, but they are all just at the beginning and nothing much to look at.  Hoping this motivates me to get a move on and finally have some FOs.

I love buying wool and love starting projects.  It makes me so happy to squeeze a new purchase and search the net for a new project.  The problem is I don't like finishing them.  I am totally innocent you see, as it is not my fault I keep seeing all these fabulous things and manufacturers sell some much wonderful yarn.
I can only do garter stitch for knitting and I really don't do that very well.  I don't know why but I just can get my head round knitting.  However, I just love love love crochet.

This is a blanket I started a while ago, I am very embarrassed to say when considering what I have done but it was certainly pre 2012. Here are my little granny squares:

All 23 of them. There are another 7 colours to add and lots more of these colours too. I have 3 balls of each colour in my stash and I am hoping that will be enough to get a good sized lap blanket.

This is what I am basically hoping to do:

I want to make a diamond shape but need to work out how to do half grannies. If anyone has a link to a good tutorial I'd really appreciate it.

Don't forget to pop over to Tami's blog for other projects on the go.

Thanks for looking and lets hope the good weather continues but cools alot more than it has today at night time. Just hate stuffy rooms with no air at night. I can never sleep.

Us Brits are never happy are we? lol

WOYWW (25 July 2012)

Good morning all.  I hope everyone in the UK is loving this great change in weather.  However, typically British its supposed to rain again next week!  Best make the most of it eh? 

When I was writing this post I noticed that yesterdays post was my 400th!!!  Wow, never knew I had that much to say. 
This is my desk this week:

Very messy and exactly how I left it Sunday night after making a LO that I will be showing you tomorrow.  It's based on Shimelle's And Now For Something Completely Different over on UKS.  Thanks to all my visitors last week and your *encouraging* words on reducing stash.  I fully agree you can't have too much and I would love more however, what I have it taking over!  This is the top of my expedit where my wool baskets used to go:

The wool baskets have now been moved to a shelf on the landing, one in the lounge and 2 on the floor in my bedroom.  I really can't move for stash be it scrapping or crochet.  My wardrobe also has 11 unopened Studio Calico kits on top of it.  I am in desperate need to reduce this stash as there are some new lines coming out of CHA I like (well lets be honest, need) and I can't have stash anywhere else as there is just not room. Thinking of baging the SC kits up in 12 x 12 bags and then putting them in some 12 x 12 storage tubs I've seen.  This should free up the wardrobe and about 2/3 of the top of the expedit.  But What I should truthfully be doing is not spending and much more scrapping.  No more kit subscriptions till I have scrapped those 100 LO's (74 to go) but I don't think I can avoid new CHA purchases!

Anyway thanks for looking WOYWWers and don't forget to visit Julia.

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Tuesday Tallies (24 July 2012)

Not much progress this week.  Life and alls its troubles sort of got in the way.  I have managed 3 circles that need a white border and 4 yelow sqaures for my small square blanket.

Don't forget to pop on over to Carole to take a look at some other projects.

Monday, 23 July 2012

Girls v Boys

These photos were taken earlier this month at Liam and Freya's joint birthday party; a game of bowling then a meal at pizza hut.  Their birthdays are only 7 weeks apart and I have done this in the past as well.  So much easier, 1 party, 1 lot of stress!

This LO was made using a mix of Amy Tangerine and AC Shoreline.  This LO is made with this sketch from Once Upon A Sketch on the theme of friends.  I am also entering the LO in to SJ Crafts Challenge which is to scrap using an olympic scheme.  I have choosen to take inspiration from the olympic rings by using red, blue, yellow, green and black and lots of circles.

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Ferry 'Cross The Mersey (The Titanic Pose)

When we went on the Mersey Ferry last month it was a very windy day and Liam and Freya decided it would be fun to reinact the famous Titanic Pose:

Made using Sarah's Cards October 2011 kit and based on one of the DT LO's.

Saturday, 21 July 2012


Another sketch challenge today.  This time for Studio Calico's Sunday Sketch.

Made using Studio Calico Heyday papers and documenting Liam and Freya's love/hate relationship and how I would like to see more of the love side of them.

Friday, 20 July 2012

Sitting On The Dock

I am trying hard to bust the stash and reach my 100 LO challenge as soon as possible.  I broke in to Sarah's Cards April 2012 kit (now I only have 29 unopened kits!!!) and some Crate stickers to scrap this picture of Freya at Albert Dock in Liverpool.  Its been lovely the past few weeks have some new photos to scrap but I can see me getting bored of these soon.  This LO is based on a Shimelle LO, just love the 3 squares of pp.  Fingers crossed for some good weather now the school holidays are here and we can have some fun days out.

Oh and wish me luck now the school holidays are here!!!

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Magical Mystery Tour

Another Challenge Skech this morning lol,  This time for Studio Challanges.  This is my take:

Another photo from our trip to Liverpool last month.

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday? (18 July 2012)

Morning all.  If you are in the UK I hope you had a dry day yesterday like we did in the Midlands.  It was lovely to get some washing out on the line.  Lets hope this dry weather is here to stay now the kids are breaking up the end of this week.

This is my desk this week:

I am part of a Chinese Whispers group and I made my August LO yesterday.  This is the final remain of Sarah's Cards October 2011 kit that I used.  I think there is maybe 2 more LO's here and then I can break the kit down into alphas, embellishments and scraps.  Need to have a look through my stash and find another kit that is nearly all used up.  Although I have now made 22 LO's I can't see any dent in my stash at all!  Sure sign I have too much stash.

Don't forget to pop over to Julia to take a look at other craft work spaces.

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Tuesday Tallies (17 July 2012)

This week I have only managed 5 squares which takes me to around 35% of my blanket.  I really want to get this finished over the summer so plan to crochet on and on over the next few weeks.

Don't forget to pop over to Carole and take a look at some other one a day projects.

Monday, 16 July 2012

Strawberry Fields Forever

In June we went to Liverpool for the weekend and I have now had some photos printed and started to scrap them.  This LO shows Liam by the gates of Strawberry Fields.  Sadly there is plenty of graffeti around which detracts from the beautiful gates.  Why are people so destructive?

I am entering this LO into the July Challenge from Scrapbook 365 which was this sketch.  Made using the October 2011 Kit from Sarah's Cards, Amy Tangerine alpha, twine, buttons and labels from stash.  The stamped strawberries have not come out too good in the photo but they are far more defined IRL.

Sunday, 15 July 2012

The Sad End Of A Very Good Thing

I received the last Sarah's cards kit yesterday morning and it is beautiful. This picture really does not do it justice as the B sides are made just for me. Love them so much.
Payment for JULY Kit - Subscribers Only
I really am sad to see the kits come to an end but I totally understand why Sarah has made the decision to stop them.  I'd like to thank Sarah, Lianne and all the DT for these wonderful kits and all the inspiration you have given me over the 2 1/2 years of my subscription.

Now I come to hard point.  I am so undecided about what to do with this kit.  Do I rip into the kit and scrap away or do I keep it and wait?

Decisions, decisions!

Saturday, 14 July 2012

In My Heart

I seem to have gone a little mad about online scrap challenges lately.  I don't think I have entered as many over all the time I have been scrapping as I have over the past month.  I am finding it really good motivation to reach my 100 LO challenge.  This LO is number 19 that I have made since the beginning of June.  At this rate it will take me until the end of the year to get to 100.  A long time but I really am hoping to put a dent in my stash. 

This weekend I have been looking at the My Minds Eye website and saw their current scrap challenge.  There are two challenges each month and the first challenge for July is to use their papers and scrap in monotone.  I first pulled out all MME papers I had.  I usually buy a complete range of papers and embellishments and store them all together for each collection.  This system seems to work for me but having said that I very rarely mix ranges let alone manufacturers.
In my stash I have the complete collections of:
Stella & Rose
Good Day
Miss Caroline
Follow Your Heart
Lost and Found
This was a good range from which to choose from.  I then picked a photo and decided to use pink.  Then I disgarded the none pink collections.  Then tries to match them up to have the same tone of pink.  It is amazing how many shades of pink there are.  Some were totally wrong, like Follow your heart.  The pink was so wishy washy with the other collections, yet on its own its a lovely pink colour.  I was then left with Stella & Rose and Good Day.  Then I tried to pick out scraps to use I up.  I was so surprised how small some of these scraps were!  These are the papers and embellishments I choose:

Although I was looking for scraps to use up I did pick the doilly paper on the left to use as my base paper.  As everything was pink I picked up some cream cardstock as a neutral base and layered and matted each element.  In addition to MME papers and cream cardstock I also used some twine, pearls and alphas. 

This is the LO I came up with the help of this sketch:

This LO is very personal and there is some hidden journalling. I found it quite difficult to express how I felt but I think I have achieved what I intended to do and have written about and expressed what "I need to tell you (Liam & Freya) what's in my heart".

Thanks for looking and if you have time pop on over to the MME blog to take a look at their new releases.  Just love love love The Sweetest Thing range which was obviously made especially for me!

Friday, 13 July 2012

Sarah's Cards July Sketch Challenge

This months sketch is quite simple and yet very effective.  Like alot of the DT I have rotated the sketch to suit my landscape photo which I have cropped down a little.  I have used Sarah's Cards February 2012 kit with the addition of some twine, pearls, wood shapes and washi tape from my stash along with a little sprinkling of Mr Hueys.

A very rare photo of all 3 of us outside the childhood home of Paul McCartney that we visited last month as part of the Magical Mystery Tour.

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Say Cheese

There is a new challenge site started this month called The Cupboard Trilogy.  Their first challenge is based on this colour pallette:

Sage Green, Peppermint, Soft Coral, Warm Beige, Warm Pink & Raspberry.

 The challenge was to use at least 3 of these colours in your LO.  I have used the peppermint, warm beige, warm pink and a splash of raspberry. 

Made using the second Dear Lizzie release and some Studio Calico wooden hearts and washi tape from Amy Tangerine (people), a Studio Calico kit (peppermint) and I'm not sure where the raspberry one was from.

Each month there will be a new challenge set on the 1st and you have until 6pm on the last day of the month to enter.  Then comes the twist; there are 3 categories - a card challenge, a scapbook challenge and a digi challenge.  You can enter each catorgory every month.  I think it will be interesting to see of the different mediums interpret the same challenge.

Be sure to head on over and take a look at the blog as there are some lovely DT work and entrants work already entered.

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday? (11 July 2012)

It has been a long long time since I have joined in but I have tried to pop in and have a look at some desks each week even though I have failed miserably at commenting on all that I looked at.  This week I am taking the time to share my desk and will pop in and comment on some of yours, can't guarantee how many as the list is now so long but I will comment on some.

This is my desk as it looks this morning:

This is the wall my desk is against.  I have added another Ikea kitchen bar at the top with 2 baskets which has raised my Mr Huey's up off the desk and given me lots more space.  It has also given space to store some more punches.  This is the very messy desk:

And here is a close up of the LO; Diamond Jubilee Celebrations:

Thanks for visiting.  Don't forget to pop over to Julia to have a look at some more desks or join in and show the world your crafting space.

I am also entering this LO in to the current challenge at SJ Crafts.


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