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Monday, 20 June 2011

A Little Dip In The River Severn

Over half term we took the opportunity to go down to Arley which is a lovely little village by the river Severn.  Here are Liam and Freya having a little dip:

A nice cool drink in the village pub:

Followed by another paddle where they were joined by a swan and some ducks:

This week we have 2 photo sessions and 2 evenings out with friends, so super busy.  Wanting this lovely weather today to last the week as I want to get a little strawberry picking in on Thursday.  Fingers crossed.  Also hope to get a little scrapping done this weekend as I need to work on the book for my Brother's wedding.

Monday, 13 June 2011

Time.....It Speeds On By

Where has the last week gone?

I have achieved absolutely nothing yet, I don't think I have sat down and had a break all week.  Just been really busy with hospital/Dr appointments and trying to tidy the house after a manic half term week.  Its not helped that due to the still open wound on my leg everything is taking so so long.

I have done absolutely no scrapping what so ever since Bromsgrove Crop and sadly I am going to be missing the crop for the next 2 months as I am away on a hen weekend for July's and on holiday for August's.

During the next 6 weeks I have to make the guest book for my Brother's weekend and want to get some more of our holiday album started so all I need to do is stick photos and a few embellishments down.  I have so many bits and pieces, especially jewellery beads, that I want to have a go at making some embellishments myself instead of buying them all the while.  It seems such a waste of money when I have all these bits already, all I need is the time to sit down and make them.  If only?

I have also booked a family photo session and then 3 days later won a competition for a photo shoot and 1 image!  They have both been booked for next week so that is something for us to look forward to.  Just need to decide what to wear.

It looks like I may be going back to work next week, but on reduced hours.  I don't want to go back as the last 12/18 months I can honestly say I dislike my job.  I have been in my current job for 7 years now and the same sort of work week after week is beginning to become a drag.  I really do fancy a change of scenery but there is just nothing out there that suits the hours and flexibility I want, well to be honest need and if I moved internally I think it would be a case of more of the same.  As much as I don't want to go back, I need to get out of the house and have some 'adult' conversation.

The week before last was half term and we did have a few adventures out but I really felt it the day after and was so tired.  When you have been ill, you sit at home and think, yes I feel better and it is not until you go out that you realise how physically drained you are.  On the Monday we went to Mary Arden's Farm, Nr Stratford in the morning:

We met a baby European Eagle Owl:

Who when grown will look like this:

We then went into Stratford..... 

for a spot of lunch and a little boating on the River Avon:

Where someone was repeatedly told NOT to lean over the side of the boat:

And even with photographic proof swore blind he didn't!

I think Liam and Freya took some fab photos on the river (they took them all apart from the one of them together which I took) and I was so surprised the camera didn't end up in the water as every time Freya took it from around her neck it somehow got dangled outside the boat.  I'll be back later in the week to show you the 'little dip' in the river.

Friday, 3 June 2011

Sharing Stash Busting LO's Part 2

Hope half term is going well for all those with little ones in UK.  I'll be back next week to share what we have been up to.  Here are some more LO's I made as part of my Stash Busting Challenge.

Made using Feb 2011 Studio Calico kit:

'Longboat' is another Echo Park LO made using a Page Maps 2 sketch (P27, which I rotated anticlockwise):

A double LO about our house renovations made using 'Echo Park'.  The reason there is no photo on the second page is because there still is no roof.  I would take a picture to show you but that would mean standing in the laundrette and as it is raining as I type this I would get very wet!

Enjoy your weekend.  I am off to Bromsgrove Crop tomorrow, looking forward to some scraping time.

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Sharing Stash Busting LO's Part 1

Here are some more of my recent LO's.  I currently have an overload of stash and keep opening kits when the arrive and not using all the kit up.  When next months kits arrive I put the older ones to the side and open the new boxes.  It is now getting to the stage that I have lots of half used kits and I tried to make a concerted effort to use up part kits.

'Relax' is made with Echo Park

As is 'Grubs Up':

'Doing The Cowboy Stomp' is made with Sarah's Cards June 2010 kit:

This time I have used May 2010 Sarah's Cards Kit to make 'Love & Hugs':

In whittling the stash mountain down I have 'gifted' quite a number of things to Freya who is making great use of them.  You can see some of her recent work here.  Can you spot how she has used the same kits after me!  To be honest I think we were both using the Echo Park papers at the same time.


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