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Thursday, 26 July 2012

And Now For Something Completely Different: UKS (July 2012)

This inspiration class on UKS has been taking place all year and this is the first time that I have actually had the time to sit down and make a LO.  all the other LO required certain types of materials which meant I would have to wade through my stash; a job which I NEVER want to have to do, would tke way too long.  I have always read the prompts and then just thought I'll come back to that another day but never did.  However this month's is so suited to me right now.  Well done Shimelle!

I am on a bust the stash mission and trying to use of scrapping kits, of which I have many.  My stash is taking over the house.  I am now down to scraps for Sarah's Cards October 2011 kit and when I read use scraps I literally jumped for joy.  Out came the box and off I went. 

This is what I came up with:

I still have scraps left and going to do another LO for my Daughter's album.

Only thing I'm not entirelly happy with is the stamped cameras as they didn't stamp properly on the washi tape and I had to restamp.  Well, its too late now.  Why is it always the thing you cant get rid off that goes wrong?

Loved this challenge and I really must get on UKS more often and take up a few more of the challenges.

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