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Friday, 25 May 2012

Project Life; April 2012 Is Complete

The weekend is finally here and I have so many plans it is unreal.  But one thing I am certain of is I will probably not get half as much as I would like to done.  Just hope I can get on top of the housework as we have a few house things planned for next week and I need to box up and move items in 4 rooms.

Just to delay the start of all this housework I have decided to blog and show you April's pages which includes the Easter Holidays which has been split into 3 double pages with divider inserts.  

This is the 2 week Easter holidays:

Then it was back to school/work:

Well that brings me to the 6 May.  I have completed the following week with just last week and this week (which is not over until tomorrow night) to complete.  I've yet to order the photos for last week and until I do I may try and do some other scrapping.  Although I have stayed on top of this project it has been to the detriment of any other scrapping.  apart from Sarah's Cards retreat I have scrapped 3 other LO's this year and I also have September to December of Document 2011 to finish.  May see if I can spare a few hours over the weekend to complete some of Document 2011.

Have a great weekend and lets hope its a sunny one, fingers crossed.

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