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Sunday, 13 May 2012

'She' Is Finally Here!

Last Wednesday after 42 hours of labour my Sister In Law was taken down to theatre for an emergency C section after she had only progressed to 3cm. Baby was born weighing 7lb 6oz at 4.47pm. 

The proud parents were are asked 'does he have a name?'. To which my brother replied 'Eva.....HE???????'

After 4 scans where on each occasion they had been told it was a girl, out popped a baby with some very unexpected extras!  Now you need to realise this was a very much longed for little girl and she has a wardrobe full of pink things, a pink nursery and a pink pram!

They did not know the sex at Christmas and i had brought 3 neutral sleepsuits. These are the only non pink, flowery clothes or dresses they own. The nursery is now magnolia and there are a few blue sleep suits in the cupboard but i think there may be a little boy wearing some pink vests for a couple of months, but we promise not to tell.

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