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Thursday, 10 June 2010

Big Life Decision

Well I've thought and I've thought and thought a bit more.  I spent sleepless nights and stressful days thinking about this subject over the past few weeks.  My health has not been too good over the past 12 months, well to be honest I've had health issues over the past 17 years, its just things have gone down hill on a rather large scale over the past 12 months and to be honest its not going to get any better.

Thought things through long and hard, discussed with my GP, medical and surgical teams in great detail and have come to the conclusion big life changes are needed.  I've come to the decision that a number of issues in my life must change but the biggie is work.  I may regret this when we have no food on the table but from next Monday I no longer work full time but 27 hours a week over 4 days and I am having 10 weeks a year off unpaid.  This gives me 2 shorter days a week and Friday off plus all school holidays apart from Christmas and Feb half term off.

As a single parent who gets no financial support from the Father of her children, the reduction in hours will have a large impact on us financially.  However, I'm quite sure the benefit to my health and to my children's lives will ease this impact.  It cuts me up so much having Freya ask me every holiday 'why do you have to go to work, my friend's Mommy's are at home with them, why can't you be here?'.  This statement every holiday plus my drop in wages has brought me to the decision to not work school holidays.  At £200 per week for school club, I automatically save £2k.  Just need to sit and see what the budget brings, lets just wish for lower taxes, well a girl can wish!

On a more positive note, just booked at lovely holiday for October, something good to look forward to.  Plus a whole day every Friday to craft lol, sadly probably won't have money to buy new stash but lets face it, I do have enough to last me well into old age!

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