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Friday, 18 June 2010

Finally Completed A LO And A Little Bit Of Crochet

It may have been the 17 June yesterday but I finally completed my first LO this month.  With everything going on my mojo has really gone and I have just not had the time or the inclination to scrap. At the Bromsgrove Crop last night I completed this:

Think I need to add a little cotton to the buttons to complete it.

Also have some crochet to show you.  Have used the teal sublime wool and done a round on Liam's Granny Squares and stitched them together:

Freya was very insistent Snowball had a cuddle, stupid animal just let her wrap him up in it:

It is so lovely and cuddly.  Blanket is going to be 7 squares by 12.  Only another 75 squares to go!  Before anyone does the maths, I have a ninth square that I haven't stitched together yet.  

Had a delivery of new yarn today which I will photograph and show you over the weekend.  This is also going to be Granny Squares, just love doing them and the they so easy to take places.

1 comment:

Deb Hickman said...

Your layout is fab.I wish I
could crochet,I did try once but not very sucessful.


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