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Saturday, 26 June 2010

Just Too Hot To Scrap!

Planned on having a scrapping frenzy today but sadly with this heat, it has just not happened.  There just seems no air at all.  First got poor Snowball out of his cage for a run around in the lounge with the fan on.  He really appreciated that and seemed much brighter after.

Liam just loves to hold him like he is a baby and the silly thing just lets him.

Then I spent nearly an hour moving the poor guinea pigs on to the patio as it is in the shade of our copper beach.  It was just way too hot for them on the grass.  I sprayed the patio before I moved them and they just perked up no end when they were moved.  Pity the same can't be said for me!

My Dad is calling at my Mother In Laws later today to pick up my foot pump so we can pump some air into the kids new paddling pool.  Quite glad the pool was deflated today as its just too hot for them to go out, especially for Freya, who like me, goes lobster at the slightest hint of the sun.

Hoping to get some energy back and get some scrapping done after we have eaten.


Anonymous said...

Snowball looks for fat and fluffy I hardly can believe he's real. We're dealing with the heat where we live too...yeah, let's hope this evening brings a cool breeze.

@ Hauplight

Julia Dunnit said...

It was a day for slow and steady and hunt the shade. Good moves with the animals...we're up for another daylikeit today. All curtains in front closed, back open and inviting at the mo because in the shade...yesteday the sun moved around earlier and caught me out -melted the candles in the conservatory!


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