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Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Whats On Your Workdesk Wednesday?

Today we have:

A new WOYWW Post Header!!!!!

And on the desk?  A bit of a mess really. 'What's new?' I hear you say!  Craftwise the last week I have been plodding on with the crochet, little cross stitch & card making for the school fayre.  You can see some Tilda's stamped ready to finish colouring in.  Scroll down to some earlier posts to see a few of the cards I have made.  Most of the rest is self explanatory, if not please ask:

To the right, box of Martha Stewart punches, getting a little addicted to these, collection is not too big, but I do have my eye of alot more, however, for the meanwhile no new stash.  See here, even put it in writing and I am really pleased to say I have stuck to it, well so far!

A sleeping cat, Bubbles, in the lid to the box for my Martha Stewart punches:

To the left.  Pile of 300 photos that arrived last week waiting to be sorted into Liam's/Freya's scrapbook packs, duplicate photos of some events and I have been known to scrap the same photo for one child twice instead of 1 each, annoying when really girly pink, something that Liam just does not do!  Then need to date and event them, 'cause by the time I get round to scrapping some of them I really won't have a clue about date and what we were doing/celebrating.

Finally, very wet & grey view from the window, ok its 5.28am but it should be brighter than this!  Didn't you know June = Sunny!

I have been spending the last few days trying to write down the web addresses of everything in my favourites - please note, this includes a rather large list of kids on-line games - as I am going to change browser in the hope it will sort the problem I am having with not being able to leave messages on alot of peoples blogs.

I am going and looking, its just I can't leave messages for you all.  However, due to life I was unable to visit everyone last week.  So sorry to those I could not see but it seems to be taking quite a substantial amount of time to visit you all, especially as I seem to get side tracked and look at other posts to see what everyone has been up to over the past week!

Well, if you don't know what is happening and want to find out, please visit Julia who will explain all about the addictive WOYWW.

Have been looking at Julia's blog this week and I wanted to make a comment about her Sunday post entitled 'How To prepare For A Crop'.  Unfortunately Julia's is one of the blogs I am unable to comment on.  Julia, this is how I prepare for a crop.  Pack around 500 photos in your tote and then pack EVERYTHING you own into as many bags as you can manage, then spend the first hour of the crop drinking tea, chatting and deciding with fellow scrappers what papers etc go best.  Must less stress, well on the head, as to the stress on the back due to carrying everything you own, now that is entirely a different matter.

PS I am looking for a score board (Correct name?) to make my own card blanks, boxes etc.  Can anyone recommend a good reasonably priced one and where it is stocked online. Thanks


Linby said...

300 photos! that is a lot of scrapping. Your cat looks comfy but is it on your precious coloured images?
If you switch to google chrome you can import your fav's from IE8 so no need to re-enter them.

Mummylade said...

the ms punches are addictive, I know =)

Andrea - Wales, UK said...

I just adore those Martha Stewart punches, I have recently bought 2 and now I want them all!!!


Thistleblue said...

I'm jealous of all your lovely Martha Stewart punches!

Great crafty spaces, thanks for sharing

Jamie said...

Love all the punches! Bet you will be busy scrapping all those photos! x

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Well yes we all know June = sunny Candace but obviously the elements fairy doesn't or is just playing mean tricks on us hehe
I'm glad you explained the cat's contribution 'cos I was going to ask. Hope we get to see the completed x-stitch and the crocheting.
Anne xx

Julia Dunnit said...

Oh shame about thte commenting but thanks for the Crop tip - I will get my HGV license then - problem solved!! Yah, 300 photos..a little daunting for me - I managed 3 LOs last week after some pain getting ready as you know!

Helen said...

300 photos will keep you busy a while!

Hels Sheridan said...

So...another WOYWW with a cat, my AlfieCat is in prime position today too.. what is it with cats and crafting eh??? Bubbles looks a bit like AlfieCat...adorable x

Joanne said...

I am amazed by the number of cats that craft. My gorgeous Toby used to sit on my knee while I crafted. I love MS punches too and have just bought another 5 since Saturday!!!!!
Luv Joanne xx

Wipso said...

You're gonna be pretty busy with all that scrapping.
A x

Heather x said...

I wouldn't be without my scor-pal, its great for scoring and box making.
I use Firefox browser, never had any probs with blogs :)
I desperately need a MS punch to play with :0)
*hugs* Heather x

Chrissie said...

Lots of exciting things here, I love Tildas! and MS punches (in fact I have that large butterfly too) shame I couldn't see what the others were properly.
Sorry, I can't help with the scorer (I've got Scor-Pal, but it's a bit pricey!)

Angie said...

Happy contented cat sleeping where it shouldn't ...bless. I love MS punches ...wish I could afford more.

angeleef said...

I loved your things to do this month list, allthough it would be a whole lot to deal with for me!
I have one that costed me 20 euro (I have no clue how much that is in your currency) and it helps me fold my cards, but for other stuff (like making boxes for example) I hear a lot of good things about a scor-pal and I'm kinda sad that I didn't buy one of those.
** Evi **

Bee said...

3 of my favourite things - Tilda, Martha STewart punches and a furry friend to keep you company.

Have fun scrapping all those photos.


Anonymous said...

I do admire people who scrap! Wish I had the patience! x


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