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Saturday, 7 August 2010

Another Wet Day

I have had enough of the rain since the kids broke up.  Last week I was hoping for sun, now I just want a dry day.  Am I asking for too much?  Well as I couldn't go out and tire the kids out today we baked some cakes this morning:

Made a few extra to go in the freezer for a later date:

Had a play on our new Wii.  Not a big fan of video games as I don't think its healthy for them to sit in front of a tv screnn constantly for entertainment.  Ok they have DS's, but they tend to be played on car/train journeys when ther really is little else to do.  Both of them can go weeks without playing them.  However, with all this horrid weather I have finally given in & bought a Wii.  Liking it as they have to get up and jump around in order to play.  we are loving Sonic and Mario at the Olympics and for once Liam and Freya are playing together with very little invervention from me.  So I have scrapped!

After finishing this LO took an enforced break after Liam decided to sit on the desk - Note - Will not take the weight of an eight year old child - desk and very very nearly the entire 5 x 5 expedit unit nearly collapses.  Nobody hurt and no stash damaged!  Back to scrapping:

Well that gets me two LO's nearer to stash spending!

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