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Saturday, 8 September 2012

Summer 2012 CHA Releases; Being Thrifty & Selective

Lots of new releases from CHA have started to hit stores and I am loving some of them more than I should.  I really do have an overload of supplies and I don't think I will ever scrap at least half of what I have.  Yet as new CHA I buy up loads.  This year like a lot of people the purse strings are getting tight.  I don't drink, I don't smoke, I don't do the social scene like a lot of other people and alot of other things that so many families do; my kids do not have all the latest gadgets and to ensure they are grounded they never will and then there is the fact that it is only me. 
Well, summing that all up money is limited and like a lot of families purses are being tightened.  This year this is my NEED list:
MME Sweetest Thing - Tangerine, Honey, Bluebell and Lavender*
MME Indie Chic - Citroen, Ginger, Nutmeg* and Saffron*

ECHO PARK Everyday Eclectic

ECHO PARK - For The Record 2 Documented

ECHO PARK - For The Record 2 Tailored

October Afternoon - Woodland Park

Bella Blvd - Birthday Book (Liam's Papers)*

Bella Blvd - Birthday Girl (Freya's Paper)*

Bella Blvd - Thankful

* just the ones with asterisks to buy now and I really think that will be it for this CHA releases.

There are a few other ranges that I have seen but to be honest they are just not jumping out at me.  I blame it on the fact I have so much paper and I really am thinking about costs.  Paper sat on a shelf doing nothing really is of no help to anybody.  It looks pretty but I will never use all of it.

What are you needing from these releases and are you at the point when you know this hobby has taken over your life and you can not buy any more supplies?

As every post needs a photo, here's some of the 1.200 photos I need to go through from our 3 weeks in Wales this Summer.

Thanks for looking.


Sarah said...

Great photos!!

Julia Dunnit said...

Love your holiday pics. I can't tell you my needs Candace, because I've stopped looking! I'm so exhausted by trying to keep up and then feeling guilt at unused stash that I've stopped..haven't even registered CHA this summer and am feeling a bit lighter for it!


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