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Monday, 10 September 2012

10 Things On The 10th (September 2012)

This month my 10 things are a list of very personal things. Things concerning my future and the future of my two beautiful children. Things have not been great the last few years and I have come to some big decisions and there are going to be some very major changes to our lives over the next 12 months.  These changes are based on my health and happiness which i have always put to the back of the queue. Instead i have concentrated on the happiness of others, usually the wrong peoples happiness and usually to my detriment. Something which must change.

I need to take 'little' steps to achieve our goal. There are lots of 'little' steps needed but they will be done over the next 6 months.  This is an additional list of goals to the ones in my 'This Year I Will' post and there are many others to be achieved too.  These are the ones which i will concentrate on this month:

1.  Deal with the issues linked with my employment.  Its not going to be a pleasant experience but I now know the decision is the right one for my future happiness and also my health.  The one thing I have been fighting for over the last 18 months seems so insignificant and now I am letting go the weight on my shoulders seemed to disappear overnight.  Its strange what we think is important. I have come to realise personal health and happiness along with the love of your family is all that really matters.

2.  Deal with all the paperwork needed to achieve financial stability for us.  Only so much of this can be done before point 1 is finalised but i need to get everything in place to make sure things run smoothly.

3.  Downsize craft supplies and reduce my hoarding until stash just fills my expedit unit.

4.  Purchase some more D Ring scrap albums and store my LOs prior to 2008. The later ones are sorted in matching albums but I want the earlier ones transferred from the different post bound albums. They will look so much better and can then all be stored together.

5.  Sort out my clothes.  I have lost just over 2 stone over the past 15 months and i have so many clothes that don't fit it is unbelieveable. Work clothes need to be gone through with a realistic mind, what I don't need must go.  I am also adamant the weight is not going back on therefore the larger clothes can go.

6. Purchase the 3 canvas prints I would like.  We had the photo shoot back in February and I've never got round to ordering them.

7.  Downsize the contents of the kitchen. Way too much stuff and lots of it doesn't get used. I have come to the conclusion I don't need a gadget to dry mushrooms that I inherited from my Mother. There are lots of similar things lurking in the back of the cupboards.

8.  Downsize the kids toys and other contents of their bedrooms and every other room of the house where they have left their belongings. Have some new house rules to impose which I know they are not going to like.

9.  Finish all the scrapping classes I have started.  I am taking Shimelle's LSNED class again this year but can you believe I still have pages left in my album from 2 years ago. I also have gaps in my Journal Your Christmas alums for the past 2 years plus 4 months of Document 2011 not completed.  Lots of unfinished classes that I need to complete.

10. Take time to review and improve my lifestyle choices. Because of health issues there are certain things that will never be perfect but at times there are other choices I could choose. I need to put my health and happiness higher on my agenda and put me first, something which I have always struggled with.

Some of these 10 things are a little vague but until certain things have been finalised I cant reveal the full details of my master plan.  But the one thing I am certain of is I will celebrate that big birthday next year and life will begin at 40 and this will become our daily view:


Beverly said...

A very good list, good luck with all of them and I could definitely live with that view every day, that's my idea of heaven!

Kirsty.a said...

Best of luck. Start easy - chucking the mushroom dryer shouldn't be too stressful!

JulieJ said...

We'll have to do a car boot together - I have way too much stuff too which I need to clear out.


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