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Tuesday, 18 October 2011

One A Day Tuesday Tallies (18 Oct 2011)

MMMMMM, one a day!!!!  Gone for a little holiday this week me thinks.  Since not having any blue yarn I have taken up my ripple again and decided to take part in Lucy & Heather's ripple along.  And yes I have decided to stash the yarn after seeing their choices to make a copy of their ripples.  But can you guess which set of yarns I am stashing, Lucy or Heather's?

I am not for one momment saying this is my one a day project until it gets finished as there will come a point when it won't fit in my bag and I will have to work on something else on my journey to and from work but for now the ripple it is.

It started like this after sitting in a cupboard for many many months and now 4 days later looks like this:

It is beginning to look like a ripple now I have started the second colour:

It just seemed to look like a crinkly mess before:

Sorry but that's all there is from me this week.  Two and 1/3 stripes, about a single bed width.  I had started with about 1/3 of a stripe so I would say I have done 2 this week.  Now I am not a quick rippler and I am going to count from one end to the other a stripe; with this blanket I am doing two stripes in each colour.

Life got in the way and I'm sorry I didn't manage to get round everyone last week but I promise to this week.  Can't guarantee it will be before the weekend but I'll find time Saturday and Sunday to make sure I catch up with you all.

I am also changing my end of week to a Sunday.  I work 7 hours on Monday and Tuesdays and with a 3 hour travel each day (1 1/2 hours each way) I am a little pooped on a Tuesday night to get this post up.  What I intend to do is schedule the post on a Sunday and then when I come home Tuesday I will link to Gingerbread Girls Tuesday Tally post.  This will mean I will have a bit of time on a Tuesday to look at some of your lovely projects.

Pop on over to Gingerbread Girl (if there is no link here, I'm not home yet!) and take a look at plenty of pretty one a day projects; all sizes, patterns and varied colours of the rainbow.

Enjoy your week x


RugbyMad said...

Love the colours can't wait to see what comes next

Anonymous said...

i think it must be little tin birds colour. can't wait to see more xx.

karisma said...

Looks good so far!

Anonymous said...

The first rows are the worst, once you get into it it'll be plain sailing, your colours look great!

Bella Bee And Me said...

I think it's probably Heather's ripple colours from the first two stripes. Ripples are hideous to start aren't they!
Kier x

Kepanie said...

Ride the wave relaxed, Mama; it's okay. Life is busy and multi-faceted, yeah? 1.5 commute each way; OMGoodness. Sounds like my husband's daily commute. You go on doing that for your ohana.


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