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Sunday, 16 October 2011

Julie's Pass The Page Challenge

A few weeks back Julie posted on her blog asking if anyone would like to join in a game of pass the page.  A very simple idea, Julie creates a LO and sends it to the first person on the list who scraplift's it and then photos of their page is sent to the next person on the list.  Each of us has a week to complete our pages.

Last Sunday I was sent Julie's page.  Being the first I was a little nervous and when I opened the email, after I had got back up from the floor I realised my comfort zone had got up, walked away and was now sitting in outer space.  Julie's page is lovely but is so not me.

I had originally planned on doing the page Wednesday night, but chickened out!  Time was running out and had to be with Julie today so at 6am this morning I bit the bullet and sat down and made my page.

Sadly at this stage I can't show you what I have made but when the blog hop is up I hope you can all come back and take a look.  But I can show you this LO when I also made this morning:

I even made some little flags and embellishments:

Hope you all have a great Sunday and I'm off now to tackle cake baking, Sunday lunch and housework.  Do you think anyone would notice if I played with paper and glue for a bit longer?

*Edited - As much as this was out of my comfort zone, I really enjoyed this challenge and do love the page I created.  I am walking away from this challenge with the knowledge that I can go out of my comfort zone and make a page I like.  

Thank you Julie for giving me that huge push that I needed.

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JulieJ said...

Oh Candace, sorry to kick your comfort zone so far into touch. But I must say you certainly rose to the challenge! Your page is now off with Lea in America. So looking forward to seeing the final reveal in January!!!


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