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Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Here, There And Everywhere For One A Day Tuesday Tallies (11 Oct 2011)

Yes it has been here, there and everywhere crocheting this week.  I have crocheted in a hotel room, at gymnastics (whilst watching my Daughter not while I was balancing on the beam!), on a train, on a bus, in the lounge, on a train platform, at the Doctors, at the hospital and whilst in my bed.  You name it I've crocheted everywhere.  And to show for all these places.....I have another 5 red, white and blue granny squares:

This makes a total of 6 squares for Liam's blanket.  

Really happy with these.  Although I did not manage to make the full 7 and to be honest I think with 6 rounds on each square I may struggle to do this, I am really pleased with my progress so far.  I am making the squares different apart from the last two rounds which are both blue.  I hoped to complete another 5 each week and am going to set this as my quota for every week.  If I mange to make more, that is a bonus.  But what I will do is sew all my ends in as I go, something I didn't do this week.  

I did say I hoped to make another 5 this week and now here comes my little problem.  Off I went today in my lunch hour to get some more of the blue yarn only to discover they had none in stock.  The lovely lady behind the counter said she would order some but it could be 2 weeks before it arrives.  

Now what is a girl to do you may well ask.  Well you just have to buy some yarn to make another blanket to work on while you wait these 2 very long weeks for the blue yarn.

My choice of yarn I hear you ask.  This lovely yummy raspberry:

While we are here we may as well add in a little contrast:

Don't they look lovely together?

Do I hear you ask what I am going to make?  If any of you read Heather from Little Tin Bird's blog you will instantly recognise her lovely daisy blanket.  Just love Heather's blanket and I am off now to make one of my own.  My yarn is not as soft and squishy as hers but it will be lovely to snuggle under and at under £12 will be a real bargain of a blanket.  Until the blue yarn arrives this will be my one a day blanket or as I am going to call them my 5 a week blanket.

If you fancy having a look at some other one a day projects pop on over to Gingerbread Girl and take a look at the links.  There are some truly lovely projects being made and I have seen some lovely squares that I would love to have a try at after this blanket is completed.  

If you fancy joining in just add your post to Mr Linky and we will come and visit you.  I can honestly say I felt so welcome last week with everyone's lovely comments.  Thank you ladies for making me feel a part of this project group.

Now what was it I must remember.....ah yes, sew in ends as you go.

Thanks for visiting and good luck with your one a day projects.


Rainy Day Crafter said...

Your squares are looking lovely, and I did have a good chuckle at the thought of you crocheting whilst balancing on a beam, lol!

That's shame about the blue yarn, but it's given you a great excuse to start a new blanket and I'm really looking forward to seeing it come together! :)

Deb Hickman said...

Great use of time, I never think to take mine out with me. The squares are looking good shame about the blue but great excuse to start another blanket and I have seen which one you mean, it's lovely.
The answer to your question last week about Teddy, ishe was very easy to make. If you haven't bought the cute & easy crochet book yet, i saw it in the Book People mag, it's only £3.99, bargain.xxx

HillyT said...

What a pain that you can't get the yarn, but as a new project enthusiast I think you are right to embrace the opportunity! Such pretty colours as well.

thegreendragonfly said...

What a great excuse for another blanket!! Lovely colours, im sure it will look fab!


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