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Friday, 3 September 2010

Learn Something New Every Day 3rd September

I am off to the Bromsgrove Cropaganza tomorrow - a whole 12 hours of scrapping including 3 classes taught by Morag Cutts.  Have been really looking forward to tomorrow and too my horror the fan belt went on the car late tonight. To say I am not impressed is an understatement.  I don't have to be at the crop until 11am so hoping Mercedes have a fan belt in stock tomorrow morning.  if not, will have to have a rethink as to how to get there as public transport from where I live is a little sparse.

So today's lesson is:

Don't get your hopes up as you know they will be dashed.

May seem a little negative but as of late this seems to be the direction life is going; just seems one thing after another going wrong. 

Think I will take a picture of the engine for today's page!

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