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Friday, 24 September 2010

How I Have Spent My Time This Week

To be honest since Tuesday the majority of my time has been spent lying on my side as I have been experiencing a great deal of pain in my back the past few week.  However, today the pain seems much better....the problem hasn't gone or even improved.....its just I have taken rather a lot of morphine which has worked wonders on the pain and my mood!

Prior to all of this lying down I have completed some LO's.  These are some I haven't shown you:

"2 Cute Girls":

"Siblings", which is based on this, well I say based when what I actually mean is an exact copy!

Finally 'Ticket 2 Ride" which was based on a sketch by Kirsty Wiseman, but then slowly steered away from the sketch!

Thanks for visiting!  Have some wool things to show you plus some more LSNED pages but as blogger is taking a long long time to upload & my back has now had enough I will leave them until over the weekend.

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