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Thursday, 2 September 2010

Learn Something New Every Day 1st September

Today is the first day of the lovely on-line scraping class from Shimelle - Learn Something New Every Day.  I intend on making a 6" x 6" scrap album but as of yet my album & cardstock have not arrived.  I have been a little naughty and broke my no new stash until I create 50 LOs challenge but I have only purchased a 6 x 6 album, extra page protectors and some co-ordinating cardstock - papers I am using are from my stash.  But silly me did not complete the order correctly the middle of last week and I did not realise until late yesterday afternoon and ended up having to re-order.  So here I sit waiting for my cardstock to arrive so I can start this wonderful month long project.

Well today I learnt that when you go to a pizza, pasta and salad buffet at pizza hut, one plate really is enough.  Why do we feel we must have as much as possible in order to get our monies worth?  That extra slice of pizza was way way too much and I spent all afternoon totally bloated which really spoilt what was a most wonderful shopping trip and lunch out with a friend :0(

Lesson learnt! lol

Being serious now, the real lesson learnt was to be satisfied with the true value of the day; time spent with a wonderful caring friend which was partially spoilt by the evils of value for 'money'.  Hope I am making sense lol, but the message is to enjoy the simple things in life that come without any monetary input.  

As my album for this project is 6 x 6 and the pages are not going to be that complex I am classing every five pages completed equivalent to one 12 x 12 page for my scrap 50 LO challange.   


Anonymous said...

Oooh I can relate to your lesson learnt here.. I think I would have had trouble resisting an extra slice of pizza in the interests of getting full value.. but also you're right, you don't need to spend money to enjoy some quality time with friends or family! It's the spending time that matters.

Nancy said...

I am loving your challenge to create 50 LO beforew buying new stash....I think I may have to consider this. I am currently using my scraps up, which is a start.

I love your lesson too, made that pizza mistake too many times myself



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