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Friday, 2 April 2010

Easter Cake Bake


Had a busy week which is why there have been no updates over the past week.  First day of the Easter Hols today and with the rain I was already struggling to entertain two energy filled kids.  So we had an Easter Cake Bake:

After lots of cake eating we have started some Easter Crafts this afternoon.  Just at the point where we let glue dry.  Must go as kids to feed, bath & bed before I can have a little scrapping time!  Need to complete a layout today and tomorrow or I fail in my 'complete one LO per week' goal . 

Bye for now, will try & get some picks of today's Easter Crafting to post tomorrow, plus some picks of our 'alternative' Easter Egg hunt which we are going on tomorrow.  Full details of the little twist will be explained in my next blog!


Helsbells said...

Thanks so much for following my blog, made me feel happy today. I really like the look of those cupcakes, yum yum! I hope you find some time this holiday to complete all the scrapping that you want to do.
Happy Easter

Rachel said...

wow cakes look fabulous, thanks so much for the comments on my blog, in regards to the crochet question, what i do is cut the colour you are using leaving a few inch tail, then join the next by tying a knot really close to the granny square as possible, then to start you put your hook through the hole, and pull enough yarn through to look like a loop, heathers blog has photos how to do it, or youtube, good luck x


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