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Thursday, 8 April 2010

Is It Thursday Already?

Where has this week gone?  Had a busy day today, work earlier to be greeted by nearly 200 hundred e-mails and a pile of post 5" high! Not forgetting cases that need reviewing. Where oh where do I start?  Then to top it all, it has been the most glorious day and I've been sat in an office all day.

After reading lots of emails and then more emails followed by passing round some cakes I made yesterday I made read some more e-mails.......and to be honest that was what I did all day, read e-mails!

Got home to a quiet house (kids with their Dad until Saturday evening) and then went out for a cavery with my Dad. Oh can't forget I got goodies, nice craft goodies delivered.  Got home around eight, sorted through the delivery and decided on what I am going to work on next Thursday at my first ever crop.  Going to attend a local(ish) one in Fairfeild next week.  Also signed up a couple of days ago for the cyber Crop on UKS, I am a Car. Would be nice to hear from any other Cars out there.  Need to sort out this weekend what classes I am going to do and sort the required scrapping stash and photos out.

Spent the rest of the evening on catching up on facebook, twitter and looking at some blogs.  Come across a blog by Julia where on a Wednesday you post a picture on your blog of your workspace then place a link on Julia's blog.  its called WOYWW (Whats On Your Workspace Wednesday).  Spent at least 2 hours looking at various crafters work space!  Nice to see I am NOT the messiest crafter.  Oh my I need to find a life.....but next wednesday I am going to join in.

Regarding the ball of wool I went out for on Tuesday, finally brought it.  Lovely turquoise to complete the crochet blanket I am doing. 

Also had a little play in our local small park on the way back from the wool shop:

......and a ride on their bikes down the hill:

At work tomorrow so off to bed I go.  Night all x

1 comment:

Claire Crompton said...

Those cakes look lush, they are making my mouth water!!!.

I go to the Fairfield crop on a Saturday as I live a fair distance away and can't make the Thursday one. You will enjoy it, they are a lovely group of ladies.

Claire x


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