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Monday, 19 April 2010

Shimelle's Crop Party - Saturday 6pm & Sunday 4pm Challenges

Managed to complete another one.  Taking total to six LO and one card this weekend, completing 9 of the 18 challenges.  Wow, never completed so much in such a short spece of time before. 

Entering this LO for both of the above challenges:

Happiness really is these two little horrors, sorry meant to type angels!

There can't be anymore scrapping tonight as it is now gone 1am and my alarm goes off at 4.45 in time for a wonderful day ahead at work! 

To think it is UKS Cybercrop next weekend, meaning a repeat of this weekend.  Yay! 

Note to self - must do housework during the week as will have no time next weekend and we don't own enough clothes to go 2 weeks without washing & ironing.........could always buy some more mmmmmmm.

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