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Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Is this Spring?

No rain, no wind, just a warm sunny afternoon spent in the park.  Sadly spent with alot of other people who all rushed outside, just like us, at the first sign of a little sun!  This is some of what we did this afternoon:

This morning was spent on a shopping trip.  Went out for a ball of wool and well come back with no wool and plenty of other unrelated things.....more of which I will tell you about next time, along with some pictures of our Easter cards we made last week and news of my new craft goodies that have arrived over the past few days.  Lets just say the post man has been very busy the last few days and I must now find sometime to use them.

Well that's all for tonight, what with my lingering cold and spring air, today has really tired me out.  Night all x

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