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Thursday, 29 April 2010

WOYWW or should that be Whats On Your Workdesk Thursday?

I know I know, should have done this yesterday but really busy.  Today desk looks like this:

Inside crochet basket, 4 balls of wool and a completed first 3 rounds of a Granny Square.  I am using turquoise, yellow, pink and green as in the photo plus a purple (2nd round in Granny Square) which is in my handbag ready to crochet on the journey to work:

Chochet basket is actually two baskets inside each other (nice bargain Asda 3 baskets for £3).  Inside the second basket underneath are about 30 of the first round of the Granny Squares in a mix of colours:

Close up of the 3 round Granny Square.  Another round in cream to be added.  Was going to do in mix of colours but didn't look right so now going to complete in cream.  Just need to go and buy the wool, another job to add to Saturdays list!

Packets of seeds to be planted at the allotment this weekend:

Very large handbag was overflowing and part of the contents dumped on the table Tuesday night plus some post:

Some new stash additions, Scrapagogo & Sarah's Cards Monthly subscription kits:

Part of my button collection.  I just love buttons:

Todays view from the window:

The daffs around the tree were all in flower and looking so beautiful and suddenly in the space of two days they have all died off.  oooooo summer must be coming??????

Would do a pan around the whole room but as I said been really busy and not even I am prepared to shame myself by putting a picture of the rest of the room on here!

Would like to say I did visit everyone last week but didn't manage to leave many comments due to living in a hectic madhouse.  Will try to get round to everyone at the weekend if I can get the kids to bed early and have a little me time.

Would like to say a big thank you to some very very special people who have been my rock over the past few weeks with everything that has happened.  Sorry but can't explain on here what has happened but life just fell apart.  My only winge is why are you not following me??????  I know you come & look!

Love and kisses to you all xxx

PS.  Found phone but won't have it back until tomorrow night, so email me or call me at work tomorrow, or even pop round for tea and cakes.  Its not like certain people wait to be invited to come & eat cakes - MRS JOHNSON! I swear you can smell them cooking from your house!


Andrea - Wales, UK said...

Gorgeous colours on your "Granny Squares" I haven't done one of those for years - makes me want to get my crochet needle out!!


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Those Granny Squares are hard work. I'm still working on an afghan I started about 10 years ago. You have one busy work space. Thanks for letting me snoop. Looks like I'm not as late as I thought, since it took me two days to get to everyone this week. And congrats. Looks like you are my last snoop of the week.

Julia Dunnit said...

Never too late Candace! You seem incredibly busy, the crochet you presumably find a bit of therapy? Would tie me in knots! And no probs, put the kettle on, I'm a dead cert for a cuppa and cake!

Angie said...

Have just had a great nose around your space ... and what a beautiful view you have out of your window. My DD is a button addict too and HAS to have the BG ones.

Hands to Work, Hearts to God said...

You're a girl after my own heart Candace! I've been seeing all these organized spaces and thinking I'm hopeless! My desk is always full and I need to clear out stuff before I can work! Love the granny squares by the way!

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Thanks for showing inside the basket, loving the granny squares :)
Anne x

joey said...


I do like the little blue basket, I was looking at a much larger version on that today.


Chrissie said...

Well that was quite a lot to see.I enjoyed my snoop. Great crochet!

Sue said...

fab goodies, I love your granny crochet squares, they are so nostalgic, happy crafing, Sue xx


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