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Thursday, 25 March 2010

Housework, Scrapping & Music Concerts

Had a busy day yesterday, spent the day catching up on housework followed by a little break for scrapping when by March Scrapagogo kit arrived.  Just couldn't wait to try it out.  Scrapped an old picture of my Son from 2006 on his scooter at our old house:

When I'd finished scrapping, I had a little sort through one of my fabric cupboards as planning on cushion making over Easter.  Had a little help at one point.  Turned my back for a few seconds and Bubbles was in the cupboard asleep! Surprised her sister didn't join her, but think she was happy on the bed.

Last night was spent at my Daughters Music Concert.  Such talented kids!  Evening really enjoyed by all.  Sadly no picks I can post as other children on all of them.

Well had my plans for today disrupted by ill children.  Both of them have tempretures and have been up in the night so grouch central at our house today.  Was supposed to be out for the monthly 'Ladies who Lunch' meeting.  Lovely carvery with plently of girly gossip.  Typical, have plans means ill kids!

Well they are both in bed asleep for now, mmm.......crafting or housework?  Wonder which will win?


Helsbells said...

Crafting should win everytime, but I find I end up saving the thingss I enjoy till after I have done the ouse work, then never have time for the things I enjoy!
Love your blog, your scrapbook pages are great.

Rachel said...

lovely page, great photo


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