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Sunday, 21 March 2010

Lazy Sunday

Had a really lazy day today. 

I like Sundays, kids go to their Father's on Saturday nights so nice lie in and a day to myself!  I try my best to get all the housework done during the week so I can have breakfast in bed with the papers followed by me time!  They came back about one hour ago with the message "Daddy might not have us next weekend", does that surprise me? No!  Nearly Easter Hols, he's building up for the "I can't look after them during the school hols" routine, I know him too well!

Sadly no scrapping done but have been on the internet and looked at a couple of internet classes which I am going to sign up for next week.  Both to be done in my own time, just what I need to keep me busy over the Easter Hols - hoping for good weather so I can send the kids in the garden for some peace & quiet!

Also had a look for crop groups - found a couple of local ones, going to send some emails off to organisers for further details once the kids have been bathed and in bed.

Looked for some new cupcake receipes and narrowed down to 3.  See what we have in the cupboard tomorrow before I decide exactly which one to try.  If I remember I'll post some picks....or should that read, if the kids don't eat them in 3 seconds flat, I'll take some pictures!

Thats all for now, happy scrapping! x

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