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Thursday, 8 September 2011

This Year I Will.....Quick Update

This year one of my goals was to have a family professional photo shoot.  Well this goal has been achieved, in fact twice.  In June I paid and booked for a shoot, then 2 days later I won a shoot.  Have had the pictures back this week for the shoot we won.

Sadly scrapping is on the back burner for the next week or so as I started this past week walking with out the splint on my broken leg.  On Sunday afternoon, my leg started to hurt and I thought I had overdone things.  Mentioned it on Tuesday to the Consultant at the fracture clinic who then promptly sent me off for tests.  Credit to the man, his call was spot on.  I have a DVT. 

Hospital gave me the choice of going into hospital for the next week or complete bed rest at home.  Have chosen to go home and I am now stuck in bed until Tuesday next week and have the DVT nurses coming in each day to see me and evaluate the warfarin which I am now on for 3 months.

To say I am bored is an understatement but at least I am at home in my own bed and not stuck in hospital.  I did manage to get some photo's of my scrapping from Bromsgrove crop so will blog that in the next few days.

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