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Thursday, 1 September 2011

It's The First Of September....

...which means Learn Something New Every Day from Shimelle.  But the question is, will I join in this year?  

I have thought about this the last few days and to be honest I still have not yet decided that I can complete this album based on the prompts that will come.  I like the idea of making an album and at the time each year but don't really think I have the time to think of a lesson I have learnt each day.  I'll admit, last year it was so easy some days but other days really was a struggle to find a new lesson out of the mundane.

I have ordered a little 6 x 6 album but to be honest, that could be used for any project.  I haven't sorted out any papers and supplies or looked at the forum and pre class notes.  I've not even opened the e-mails.

I even looked back through my little album from last year and can clearly see which days I was struggling to find a lesson learnt that day.  So what can I do this year?

I was thinking whether a month through my eyes would work?  A little photo each day showing my life and if I learn something new that day, I'll document the lesson learnt.  I am stressing 'my life'.  Too often, well always, my scrap booking is about Liam and Freya.  Very rarely is there a picture of me.  I just don't like having my photo taken, let alone write about me on a LO.

Perhaps this is what I need?  But I may struggle with a whole album all about me.  One thing is for sure, I will document how boring my life is!  Not a lot of excitement goes on, that I am certain of.

For some reason, which I can't explain, it scares me to make an album about me.  It just does not feel right. 

Is anyone else joining in this class?  How to you feel about the lessons learnt everyday?  Does anyone else struggle to find something new every day?

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JulieJ said...

It doesn't really need to be something new - just an observation or a lesson relearned will do. I really don't think I will be able to keep up this year. I only managed last year because I was working part time.
You should try and get a regular photo with the kids - they'll thank you for it when they're older and you'll be glad you did. I'm trying to do it more.


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