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Sunday, 7 August 2011

Poland Part 1

After Prague we set off for Warsaw.  According to the RAC 469 miles and a mere 7 hours 40 minutes and 44 seconds away......oh how wrong they were.  The RAC obviously did not understand that Poland has received a grant from the European Union to upgrade some roads.  So there we were driving 30mph for 126 miles at this point in the dark and heavy rain.  What fun we had.  Fourteen hours later we reached our destination and thanks to everything having huge neon signs we found the hotel really easily.

When we woke the next morning we had this view from out window on the 21st floor:

A lovely view but very misty.  Off we set for what turned out to be another long drive to a lovely picturesque town on the Polish/Lithuanian boarder.

Surprisingly after so many hours/miles in the car the kids were still smiling:

 .....unlike me, who after 1,400 miles travelling in a car with a broken leg was desperately in need of pampering.  Well that is what we, well me, had that evening at the spa we stayed in on the side of a stunning lake.  Pictures just don't do it justice:

Once relaxed and rejuvenated we set off the next morning for Lithuania and the purpose of this trip, my Brothers wedding.


JulieJ said...

Poor you driving all that way with a broken leg. Hope it's mending OK.

Julia Dunnit said...

Gracious, that's a lot of miles in tip top condition..poor you - hope it wasn't agony. Your pictures are fab..can't wait to see wedding joy too!


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