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Thursday, 25 August 2011


After 2 weeks of City breaks one after the other it was lovely to finally reach Bavaria where we stayed in a ski resort in the foothills of the German alps.

The clouds cleared and off up the alps we went.  We decided to visit the Eagles Nest which was Hilter's secret hideaway on the top of the mountains.  We drove up a real step hill and at a couple of points I swear I thought we were going to go backwards as the road was that steep.

We parked the car and waited to board the bus up to the top.  From here it is a single track road and buses run up and down the mountain.  At this point the roads are narrow and very close to a steep drop:

At the top we got off the coach and took in the views, which as this point were a little cloudy.

We walked down the 400ft marble lined tunnel into the mountain to the original brass lift which takes you over 400ft up to the top where the building still stands today.  

At this point you are 6,017 ft above sea level with views like this:

After a nice alpine rest we set off for Düsseldorf.

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