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Wednesday, 17 August 2011

The Big Day Part 2

The evening festivities went on the just after 5am.  Now at this point I need to explain that in Lithuania a wedding lasts 2 days and at 8am we were all sat back in our seats at the reception being served cold beetroot soup (bright pink!) which all of us British, for some unknown reason declined.  Even with Lithuanian toasts none of us could be persuaded to have a little try.  

Fun, laughter and some very very strange games were enjoyed, then a bbq, rides in pedlo's on the lake and celebrations continued into the very wee hours of Monday morning.

But dear readers I must point out I did do some scrapping.  Yes, scrapping! I sat there on Saturday night, took photos of guests, got them to write message cards (very interesting when 75% of the guests didn't speak a word of English and the only Lithuanian I know is hello and thank you).  I glued and added embellishments and made an instax photo guest book.  The book was presented to the happy couple on Saturday night before I could get some photos of it.  I'm hoping to get some photos to show you some time soon.  What was so strange was that the Lithuanian guests obviously missed poloroid camera's the first time round some 20 years plus ago and were so aghast at my 'magic photos'.  I'm keeping that as my party trick if ever go back again.

And yes as a former part of Russia, the Lithuanian's do like their vodka, it's good for making toasts and my were there many toasts that fine weekend at ALL times of the day and night.  All these toasts may explain the lack of photos but quite frankly I can't remember.

If you ever have the chance to visit Lithuania, I highly recommend the Raspberry and the Cranberry varieties.  Apparently the coffee variety is an acquired taste.

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JulieJ said...

LOL - sounds like you had a good time.


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