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Wednesday, 24 August 2011


Beautiful, gorgeous, expensive Austria.

We travelled from Krakow down to Vienna through the picturesque Slovakia.  I'm not quite sure what I expected Slovakia to be like but it really surprised me and was very pretty.

The majority of this trip we stayed in Novotel and Marriott hotels, all of which are 4*.  As I said Austria was expensive.  We stayed in the Novotel and paid £178 for 1 night in Vienna and I can honestly say it was the most cramped room ever.  Novotel family rooms are all the same but when I am paying that much for 1 night I expect to be able to move around the beds.  The room was that small, even Freya at 8 had to shuffle sideways to get past the bottom of the sofa bed.  Then we paid 95 Euros for a ride in this:

Although the carriage ride was expensive, I can honestly say it was well worth the money as it gave us the opportunity to see the City in its entirety which we would never have done with my leg in the time we had in Vienna.  As with the rest of this trip we had the most glorious sunshine.

And down by the water in Vienna, was this little man made beach.  It was so lovely and sunny but sadly we did not have time to soak up the sun.

Next we set off for Saltzburg with plenty of smiles:

Saltzburg was as expected; Sound of Music everywhere.

From Saltzburg we went to Bravaria in Southern Germany for a bit of Country alpine air.

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Sam said...

Wow! There are some fantastic scrapbooking layouts in the making there. I too have been to Krakow. The elderly man who was the parking attendant accosted us because he saw the Welsh flag on the parcel shelf. We learnt he was in Wales during the war. He said the Welsh were lovely people. He refused to let us pay to park the car. Not been to Slovakia but Moravia is beautiful. Lucky you!


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