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Thursday, 27 May 2010

Spot The Difference With A Little Crafty Tip & A Tutorial Thrown In

Can't sleep again and was fed up with just lying in bed, not really in the mood for anything crafty and nothing of interest on TV (why do I pay for Sky when there is nothing to watch???)

Anyway, gone into photoshop with the intent of having a little play with my photo's to improve the quality.  First off I started with this:

Well can you spot the difference?

I must be getting tired as I sure can't lol.

The one on the left is the before and right is after I have 'improved' it.  mmmmm, so I went back and played some more.  Started with this:

Auto corrected it:

Looking better, but still had the bright light from the flash, admittedly not as bright.  Turned it sepia:

No, flash still there, but liking this effect.  I know:

If in doubt, crop it out!

Oh my I'm good, cracked this photo editing in one night.  Cracked it so well I am turning this post into a photo editing tutorial!

Tiredness is taking over, gone all delirious.

Should really give you that little crafty tip before I go.  Well you know the Jenni Bowlin Bingo cards.  When you look at the back of the packet there is a card with all six cards in the pack printed for you to see exactly what you are buying.  Don't waste them.  Great for mini books, that's what I used - Cheer, from Sport pack. 

Value for money, 12 bingo cards for the price of 6 - 6 mini and 6 teeny.  Bargain, bargain I say.

Off to bed I go.  Night all ;0)

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Galaxy Girl - my Stamp Galaxy Blog... said...

Well done, I like the sepia look.

Fabbie collection of Ciaos going on below.



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