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Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Bowling, Pizza & Our New Addition!

My little baby boy turned 8 last Saturday and there were only four things on his Birthday wish list.  These were:

  1. Lego Indiana Jones 2 for his DS
  2. Lego Harry Potter for his DS
  3. Bowling
  4. Bunny Rabbit
On Saturday he woke to his Lego Indiana Jones 2 game which he has pretty much played non stop since.  Lego Harry Potter is not out until the end of the month and I had told him he can have that when it is released.  He really loves the Lego games and plays for hours, which is good for me as it keeps him very quite!

Monday night we went bowling, which he won, Grandad came last after supposidly pulling a muscle while bowling his first ball. 

This was followed by a meal at Pizza Hut.

Finally we called at the pet shop on the way home and I reluctantly gave in and purchased this little fellow, who Liam has named Snowball:

I was reluctant to agree to a rabbit, not because I had anything against another pet its just we have had 2 rabbits previously, both of which we have had to have put down due to abcesses.  All of us found this quite upsetting, especially our last rabbit Treacle who we had only had for 4 weeks.  I've made it clear he has joined our family on the understanding he does not go in the same cage as the guinea pigs, on both occassions the abcesses were caused by guinea pig bites.  The guinea pigs have gone out into the outside cage and little Snowball is staying inside in the indoor cage for a few weeks as he is still very tiny (only 10 weeks old) and has never been outside.  This gives me a little time to sort out another outdoor cage and run.

He had a little cuddle from both Liam & Freya and then a hop round the lounge while I moved the guinea pigs and cleaned the indoor cage.  He is really friendly and after only 10 minutes in the lounge last night he was hopping over to Liam and climbing up him! 

Only problem is Freya wants a rabbit for her birthday in July and is very insistant she has a girl bunny and can't see why thay can't live together because baby rabbits would be fun!  

I don't think so, baby bunnies are a big no no!!!!!!


Pam said...

Cute Bunny, we have a black one also called Treacle. My Jake loves playing the lego starwars games on his PS2. Hugs Pamx

kelly said...


Julia Dunnit said...

oh and my my how many baby rabbits you'd end up with!! Lovely view of your desk this week too Candace but really enjoyed sharing your Liam's birthday story. Happy families, huh.

Howard said...

My god, you look pale in that photo. You better be looking after yourself or there will be big trouble missy!


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