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Monday, 7 January 2013

This Year.....

This year there will be big changes in our lives.  These past few years have not been kind to us as a family and as a result I have decided we need a fresh start.  We are moving over 100 miles away.  Moving to the sea side.  Moving to this:

But before the move happens there is lots of work to be done.  I need to finish the renovations on our current home and then sell it.  This scares me.  Scares me alot. 
The up heavel for the kids.
The time and stress that will come.
How long will it take to get everything organised? 
Can I raise enough money to buy a suitable property? 
Am I doing the right thing for us?
Only time will tell if this is the right choice.  However, as a family we need a fresh start. 
We need to start anew. 
I need to pluck up the courage to face the 39+1 day...just 72 days now. 
This year is the year our lives change for the best.
I hope you can join us on our adventure to our new life.  Our new life by the sea.


Emma said...

Change can be incredibly scary but also very very healthy. I would love to live by the sea, it looks wonderful! Maybe the next family will be as happy in your home as you will all be in your new one :)

The Girl said...

Wow 2013 IS going to be a big year for you!

Best of luck for your move. If there's one thing 2012 taught me, it's that you can roll with the punches and eventually make sense of the nonsense.

(And remember to take note of the little good things that happen - see how much better my 2012 was than I thought!)


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