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Thursday, 7 June 2012

Liverpool From High In The Sky

Straight from school on Friday we hopped on a train and went to Liverpool.  We arrived at our hotel around 6.30 and dropped the cases before going off to explore in the absolute brilliant sunshine.  We were staying at the Albert Dock and this is the view from our hotel room:

Sadly the windows were dirty but in real life the view was much better as unfortunatly the photo makes the state of the window look much worse.  Although the windows were not prestine the room itself was lovely.  The warehouse buildings around the dock have been converted in to shops, restuarants and the hotel we were staying in.  The hotel was lovely and they have tried to keep alot of the original features like exposed brick, roof supports and the old iron doors in the corridors.

Right by our hotel was the wheel. 

After much please please please I reluctantly gave in and on we went.   The views over the city were amazing. 

Such a fabulous sunny evening which was sadly not to continue for the rest of our stay.

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