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Sunday, 10 June 2012

Ferry Across The Mersey....

....is what we heard playing over the tannoy when we arrived at the ferry terminal!  I don't think you can visit Liverpool and not take a trip on the ferry which is what we did Saturday afternoon.  When I booked our trip on Thursday morning the weather forecast was dry and temperatures of around 18.  One thing the forecast didn't say was high winds which made it feel very cold.  Windy was an understatement!

After a few photos outside we quickly came in for a warm.

As it was half term the ferry company were offering a 2 for 1 deal on the 2 attractions by the other 2 ferry terminals; Spaceport and a German U Boat.  The 50 minute ferry journey cost £17 and an extra £8 got us in to the 2 attractions.  The first port of call was Spaceport at Seacombe, an interactive museum all about space travel and the solar system.  To be honest the kids were not that interested in the space exhibition, however, when we went to the upper floor things were a little different:

There were lots of interactive things to do and the things Liam and Freya loved the most was the sound booth where you speak in to a microphone and your voice was changed to be aliens calling Earth.  They also loved making an alien from Plasticine.

We got back on the ferry for the 10 minute sail to Birkenhead. 

By the ferry terminal was a German U Boat from WWII.  To be honest we were a little disappointed with this and I was glad that it had been a 2 for 1 entrance fee.  If Submarines are your thing this would possible be worth a visit. 

The ferry only runs every hour and as the attraction only took 15 minutes before the kids were asking to go I thought we would walk up in to the square in Birkenhead.  When we came out of the terminal there was a tram sat there.  Liam wanted to go for a ride on it and for £2.40 we all took a 8 minute ride on the tram to the transport museum. 

Still with some time to spare we popped in a local cafe and had a hot chocolate to warm us up.  At the ferry terminal there was an old red telephone box.  Liam and Freya had never seen one of these and we just had to pose for photos:

We then got back on the ferry to Pier Head terminal.  Sadly it was still grey and very windy.

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JulieJ said...

That Space Museum looks good - Siobhan would like that - it's what she wants to do when she grows up (at the moment that is!). Isn't there a red phone box at Moor Street Station - or am I imagining it?


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