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Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Tuesday Tallies (24 April 2012)

Well we have had progress! 

Car Seat Blanket


Pink Pram Ripple

Is now 12 1/2 stripes.

Cotton Wool Squares Pram Blanket

No different.

However, there has now been an update.  Last week the hospital saw my Sister in Law and have booked her next appointment for Monday, 5 days before her due date.  They have also said if there is no sign of things moving naturally they are likely to induce her on Tuesday!!!!!!  This is theory gives me a maximum of 7 days.

Perhaps I should stop blogging and get crocheting.

Wish me luck.....

1 comment:

JulieJ said...

In order of priorities you already have the blanket done to take baby home. You then need to finish one pram blanket in the next week and the other one can be a little later. You can do it.


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