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Friday, 20 April 2012

Tuesday Tallies (17 April 2012) On A Friday

Things went a little pear shaped this week.  I wrote this post on Monday, took my photos then never got wrong to editing and uploading the photos until today.  Due date should now read 2 weeks today not 17 days.  There has been no progress on any of the blankets all week since the photos were taken.  

So this is what I wanted to say on Tuesday:

Although Carole has not posted a link for a few months I am finding that without this weekly post about my crochet progress I am not completing as much as I would like to.  I have a very fast approaching deadline to complete 3 baby blankets that I have started.  You see baby Hyde is due in 17 days time! (insert 2 weeks today now)

I have finished the large cot blanket but I have the car seat blanket and the 2 pram blankets to finish.  This is how they look today:

Car Seat Blanket.

2 more cream/coloured stripes to add and then the boarder. This is my project to complete today, no matter what happens I WILL finish this today.

Cotton Wool Squares Pram Blanket.  

This is a light weight summer blanket and as you can see there is plenty more to do.  Another 36 squares to make, sew ends in, stitch together and boarder.  Leaving this one till last now.

Pink Pram Ripple

And finally one that I started 2 weeks ago.  My Sister In Law didn't want to know the sex of the baby to start with which is why the blankets are neutral.  However, she changed her mind at 30 weeks.  Couldn't resist not making a pink one once we knew.  Ten rows completed with another 22 to do.  Probably going to leave this without a boarder as this is made with the left over yarn from my Debbie Bliss Cashmerino DK ripple.  I can get 1 stripe in my blanket and 2 in this out of a ball.  If I put a boarder on I am having to go and buy more wool and will end up with more expense and left over wool I won't know what to do with.  Having said that Freya has taken a liking to this and has commented how it would be nice if her new cousin and her had matching blankets!

Hope you all enjoy your weekend, even if it is going to be a very wet one in the UK (and the rain is forecast to continue for quite a while).

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