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Monday, 9 April 2012


Hope you all had a wonderful Easter Sunday.  Ours was relaxing with my Brother and Sister in law visiting for a few days.  Kids had plenty of Easter eggs which are being rationed over the next few days!

Two new chickens came to stay!  So annoyed with my Father who rushed in front of me and I was unable to get a picture of their faces when they opened the coop and saw the two chocolate hens sat inside.  After I had got up at 6am to clean the coop I was a little annoyed I missed the look on their faces but you can just about see Freya's beaming smile.  The wrappers were off and were ate before breakfast and before I could get a photo of them with the hens!  

Please excuse the building site in the background as the roof on the kitchen was finished a couple of weekends ago and my Father did what he does best, chuck the rubbish and leave it.  This is his project for next week; taking all that to the tip.

Chocolate flake eggs, that just about lasted to 11am:

Being silly; chocolate ear muffs.  He did have what he described as 'chocolate boob covers' at one point but wouldn't let me take a photo!

Rolo egg from Uncle Martyn & Aunty Deimante and a bunny from Grandad:

As my 36 week pregnant Sister in Law came to stay (she has been warned she is NOT going in to labour at my house when she is 2 hours away from home) my Dad did some DIY!!!!!!  I have only been asking for 3 years for the hand rails to be put back on the stairs after they were removed to strip the wallpaper.  

Liam and Freya did ask what he was doing as if you know my Dad this is a rare rare thing in our house.  He is perfectly capable of doing jobs and to be honest does a really good professional job of things.  Its just the motivation to get started that is the problem and like a lot of men spends more time giving excuses why he can't do something than it would take to do the job.  Then there are the coffee breaks.....and you really don't want to start me on that topic!  

Sadly with everything that needs doing in the house that lovely carpet is going to be the last thing that goes as I am not buying a new carpet to have renovation work done and it walked all over with dirty feet lots of time by lots of people.  

So for now I will just live in a building site stuck in the 80's and try not to depress myself about it.

There are a few other eggs, flake, mini caramel, malteser bunnies and creame eggs hidden away but they are going to be rationed over the next few days.  My kids don't eat much chocolate and it tends to send Liam a little hyper so as they don't know about the other eggs they are staying put and the kids will come down slowly from their sugar high today before they eat any more.

Saturday was Bromsgrove crop.  Libby had very kindly got us all an Easter egg which I tried very hard to keep all for me but I'm sure you can guess who helped me.  This past month has really flown by quick and it feels like only a week ago since the last crop.  I managed to complete 3 LO's and Deb's card class:

All in all a good Easter break.  What's not to like about crops and chocolate?

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