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Sunday, 8 May 2011

Photo Editing Challenge

Editing photos is not a new thing to me its just I don't really know what I am doing and I don't have photoshop either.  It's on the list, you know the list  entitled one day I'll get this, this and this.  Until that day comes I have been using Picasa and to be honest at times I am not really happy with the outcome.  So when Shimelle set the challenge last night to edit a photo, I panicked, turned the computer off and said I'll pass thanks.

This morning I am up early, so typical of a Sunday morning, wide wide away at 4.30am, you know how it is come Monday to Thursday when I get up for work at the same time I will be so so sleepy and could stay in bed for another 3 hours plus!  I was in the need of something quiet to do, in order not to wake the kids, as I really cherish quite time on my own.  I'm sure you understand the quite time I mean, the quite time without anyone going Mom, Mom, Mom at the rate of the speed of light and volume of a jumbo jet taking off.  

I read Shimelle's post through from start to finish, a real read, not skimming and then read it again,  I decided I would have a go at this challenge and would would use Picnik.  I decided to re-edit this photo of one of yesterdays LO's:

This is the original before any editing:

This is the photo edited in Picasa:

And finally this is the photo edited in Picnik:

Why have I not used Picnik before???  The alphas on the first photo are quite blurry.  Although improved on the Picasa edit they are nowhere near as defined as the picnic edit photo.  The colours are also more true to the actual LO.  

I then set about editing a photo from our recent trip to Charlecote Park.  It was a very very sunny day and this was the original shot:

And this the edited version, just love the difference in the colours:

Without a doubt I think its goodbye Picasa and hello Picnik.  

Thanks Shimelle for challenging me to take a new look at photo editing.


Deb Hickman said...

Wow I need to try Picnik, I've seen it on the Picaasa options but never bothered. Thanks for sharing.xxx

JulieJ said...

I've got some photos taken in bright sunlight which need some editing - now I'll know who to ask if I get stuck.
and I know exactly what you mean about the weekend morning quiet time.

Heather said...

Never looked at Picknik before either. I'm generally quite happy with my photos in Picasa [unless they are just bad photos!] but for the most part I like the natural look. This is a hard challenge for me also I think!! great results :)


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